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Need to Give Some Time to Your Kids

Need to Give Some Time to Your Kids

Need to Give Some Time to Your Kids

Today's world is moving at a tremendous pace. This leaves parents often exhausted with all the chores that they have to do. In this ever changing society, relationships are pushed to the lowest rung of the ladder. In such cases it is important to be concerned and spend time with family and friends. Spending time with your children should not be considered a prison sentence.

On the contrary it must be something that both your child and you yearn for. Today's parents have learnt about the concept of spending quality time with their children. This hour is usually focused on an enjoyable activity: watching TV, going out to eat, going to the movies, etc. This concept did not prevail in India prior to this. But with the changing trend seems to have emerged from the West.

Parents at times, new to the concept tend to think they are doing their children a favor when they look at their list of tasks to do and spend an hour with their children, with one eye on their watch. Quality time bears immense importance in today's world, because money seems to be gradually dominating most lives.

With the IT and BPO sector in full bloom, mothers seem to be spending more time in the offices than with their children at home while, fathers seem to be working round- the clock- to make quick money. The result? By the end of the week, the parents have time to spend with their children but are too tired.

Parents then take their child for an outing or a drive for names sake, but by then the child had much rather spend time with friends rather than with the parents. Again, the distances prevail and there is not much harmony. Spending quality time with the family stems from a desire to be with the family at all costs and a clear sense of priorities.

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