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The Glorious Transformation of Bristol Palin from a Teenager Pregnancy Taker to a Sex Abstinence Spokesperson

The Glorious Transformation of Bristol Palin from a Teenager Pregnancy Taker to a Sex Abstinence Spokesperson

The Glorious Transformation of Bristol Palin from a Teenager Pregnancy Taker to a Sex Abstinence Spokesperson

A group of tax data released yesterday pulled Bristol Palin on to the stage under the spotlight once more. The former Teenager-Pregnancy Taker was reported that Bristol Palin was paid more than $260,500 advocating against teen pregnancy in 2009. The enormous number of incomes aroused a huge wave of curiosity and debate. It is no wonder that many people are so curious at her glorious transformation in the past three years. According to the top trends at Yahoo, the topic concerning Bristol Palin ranks the first of the day. Now Swiss watcher offers you some clues for you to look back to the experiences, stories and even debates that happened on Bristol Palin.

In the past three years, who was an enthusiastic Christian Louboutin lady shoes for sale. It was almost at the same time in 2008 when Bristol Palin came into public's eyesight and was known because of the issue of Teenage Pregnancy. She was announced by her mother, Sarah Palin that she has been pregnant three days later after Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain's running mate on 29 August 2008. Bristol Palin, born on October 18th, 1990, is the eldest daughter and the second child of Todd Palin and Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin. Brisol Palin was engaged with Johnston and was publicly announced that Palin was pregnant with Johnston on September 1, the opening day of the 2008 Republican National Conviction, which was ever regarded as a trick that intended to boost the wanning popularity of the McCain-Plain ticket. The rumor was soon exposed by Bristol Palin herself. She deined claims that her mother's pro life views influenced her decision to give birth to and raise her child, stating that it doesn't matter what my mom's views are on it. Bristol stated firmly that it was her own decision.

Though Bristol was engaged in love relationship and got pregnant at an early age, she is quite brave to be a mother before marriage. Palin and Johnston's son, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, was born in 2008. Later on, they went through some twisted negative changes. Their relationship was broken and later were involved into the legal custody of their son. Finally, Palin got some rights that she should have. In February 2010 s judge ruled that Johnston had to pay back child support, with a hearing set to determine the amount of ongoing support payments.

After going through the love issues, Palin has been devoted to her career. She seems to be a lucky dog in the course of her career. In May 2009, Palin worked with the National Campaign to Prevent Teem and Unplanned Pregnancy and was paid more than $262,000 by the Candie's Foundation to inform young people about the negative consequences of teenage pregnancy. That same month, Palin was named a Teen Abstinence Ambassador for the Candie's Foundation. At her appearance on Good Morning America, She stated, "Regardless of what I did personally, abstinence is the only 100% foolproof way you can prevent pregnancy." As far as I am concerned, I myself appreciate her actions. She was so brave to overcome from the unpleasant experiences and enlighten other teenagers not to make similar mistakes. That may be the reason why Palin is so popular and persuasive. Besides the great career she is engaged in, Palin set out to take in business activities. In Sept 2009, Palin formed BSMP, a lobbying, public relations and political consulting service firm. Furthermore , she also joined the Fall 2010 Season of Dancing with the Stars. Though not so exponent at dancing, she was so favored by those followers that she got the third place in the final. Following the competition, she remarked that she was happy with the third place finish, that prayer and faith had helped her, and that she had grown as a person.

In the past three years, Bristol Palin has experienced much more than other young people with similar age. From an unmarried mother at the age of 18, to a spokesperson for a sex Abstinence, to a business lady as well as a star on performance, the serial of transformation has witnessed Bristol Palin's surprisingly perseverance and conviction. The glorious transformation on Bristol Palin is pretty successful. I think Bristol Palin deserves the income of $262,500. And most importantly she has set up a good example for teenagers to avoid the negative influence on Sexual actions. Sex Abstinence is necessarily carried out among worldwide teenagers.

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The Glorious Transformation of Bristol Palin from a Teenager Pregnancy Taker to a Sex Abstinence Spokesperson