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Mumbai Festivals by:David H. Urmann

Mumbai Festivals by:David H. Urmann

Mumbai is a very well known city in India. People troop to Mumbai to experience their many joyous and exciting festivals.

Mumbai was once known as the Bombay. They are reinforced with a lot of cultures and ethnics around the place. This has been a place of multicultural and multiethnic in nature. They celebrate the Diwali, Pateti, Mount Mary's feast and many more. They celebrate these feasts with the same equal gusto. Let us discuss some of Mumbai's festivals inhere.

The Ganesh Chaturthi is one festival synonymous to Mumbai. It is celebrated between August and September in a ten day celebration. There is a procession that carried the gigantic statues of Ganpati as Ganesh. This procession includes loud chants of the song "Ganpati Bapa Moriya." This is done to be able to submerge in the sea. This process is known as the Visarjan. This is a specialty on one of the beaches in Mumbai - the Chowpatty Sea.

Gudi Padva is another festival celebrated in Mumbai done during March or April. This festival happens on the said months earlier depending on the Hindu calendar. This celebration is known as the Maharashtrian New Year, and this festival was dedicated to Sahalivan, the potter's son. This had overthrown the Gupta Dynasty of Malwa. This festival is the beginning of the Solar Year of Hindu.Mumbai Festivals by:David H. Urmann

Another festival in Mumbai is the day of coconut. Yes you got that right; this is a day dedicated to coconut. This is celebrated in August, and the feast is called the Nariel Purnima. The word Nariel means coconut in Hindu. This is the end of the monsoon season. The group of fisherfolk is majority group who celebrates this season. This is a sign that they can already return to the sea.

This feast is also important for the Kolis who were the original natives of Mumbai. There is a session done as a sign of good luck for Kolis. There are also garlands offered to be sure that the people who are going for a sea venture can be safe. There are illuminations, singing and dancing done in the village of Koli. This village is in front of the sea.

Since Mumbai has huge Parsi population, the Parsi New Year is celebrated in August, and there is a large scale of celebration during this time. This marks the time when the Shahi Zoroastrian community had landed to Persia.

All Christians in Mumbai come together for the celebration of the Mount Mary's Feast. This is a week long celebration, and this begins from the closest Sunday to September 8 - the birth date of the Virgin Mary. There is a huge fair besides a Basilica in Bandra. This feir is complete with bands, food, joy writs and many more. The church has always glowed from the lights of the candles lighted by the sick people who wish to be cured from their sickness.

Janamashtmi is another big celebration all over India. This festival is in commemoration of the Lord Krishna. There are pots full of coins and curd put on the city streets. There are men who make human pyramid to break the pots of coin but not the pots of curd.Mumbai Festivals by:David H. Urmann

Id ul Fitr is celebrated as the sign of the end of Ramzan and fasting. This time, sivaiyan gorging is done. This sivaiyan gorging is vermicelli based sweet dish.

The last feast to mention is the Diwali. This is the time when there are a lot of firecrackers in the city. Mumbai has always been synonymous with gambling. During this feast, there are big losers and there are also big winners. This was the time when they would experience how blessed they are by the Goddess Lakshmi.

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