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Magical Thinking: The "Magic" of Affirmations

Magical Thinking: The

Author: Denise Allen

What you think about influences what you notice in your environment. Think thoughts of abundance and you will find that abundance appears uppermost in your experience. An element of becoming a conscious thinker is to notice what gets your attention. Right now, there are an infinite number of things that are happening in your physical environment. But, you are not seeingeverything thats happening. If youre indoors, you may be sitting in an air conditioned room. If its nighttime, you may have a light on overhead. If youre in a residential area, there may be a car passing outside. But, while youre reading this blog entry, you may not be noticingany of those things. You do notsee everything. So, what determines what yousee? Your thoughts. You onlysee that which you arecurrently thinking about. Change what youthink and you will change what yousee. Think abundance and you will see abundance. Whenyou actively choose your thoughts, you exert control over what you notice in your environment. What you see most often is what you will experience most often. The things that get your attention are clues to uncovering the thoughts that are most dominant in your mind. Refuse the belief that a thought occurred to you for no apparent reason. You may say, I dont know what made me think that. Remember, you are the thinker. You can tell yourself what to think. Get in the drivers seat of your own mind. Turn the wheel in the direction youwant to go. Obey the traffic laws that govern thinking but stay focused on where youwant to go. Treat stumbling blocks and setbacks like red lights and stop signs. Pause for a moment, if you must, but not for a lifetime. Remember, you are the thinker. You are the driver of your own mind. Give no one the key to your mental car. One way to get in the driver's seat of your own mind is to practice daily affirmations. Unfortunately, critics of "The Secret" and other like teachings have reduced the message in these teachings to one law: the Law of Attraction. And, they've painted a picture of nave followers who foolishly believe that saying positive affirmations works some kind of magical hoodoo voodoo on the universe. Saying positive affirmations is NOT magic. Rather, it is an effective method for steering your mind in the direction of your choosing. Regardless of what happens around you, you can choose what to think. You can direct your mind toward subjects that make you happy and please you. What you see most often is what you will experience most often. You can refuse thoughts. You do not have to think about everything that's given to you to think about. Those thoughts that pop up out of the blue can be sent back to the blue. It is this power of refusal that gives you control over your universe. If youre like most Americans these days, you probably need more money. And, I would guess that your attention is often consumed with how far your money is NOT stretching in this economy. Changing this experience will be a matter of changing what you notice most often. Pick a definite time of the day, maybe in the morning. Set aside 10 to 15 minutes to say positive affirmations. Use a tool like The Money Poems ( to focus your mind on abundance. A tool like The Money Poems can help you align your thinking with prosperity. Continue all the other things you are doing to change your situation. We live in a physical universe. Affirmations are NOT meant to replace physical action. And, they certainly do not remove your personal responsibility to practice sound financial principles. What a set of daily affirmationscan do for you is to add a spiritual and mental component to your physical efforts. While youre looking for a job, positive affirmations can help you stay focused. While youre negotiating with your creditors, positive affirmations can keep you centered on the big picture. What you think about influences what you notice, and what you see most often directly influences what you experience most often. Take charge of your thoughts. Your future depends on it.About the Author:

Spiritual practitioner, educator, storyteller and expert author Denise Allen is the curator/author of "The Money Poems," an extraordinary set of lyrical instructions that were simply created to put anyone who recites them on a path to financial freedom. For more information on Denise Allen or The Money Poems, please visit This article may be reprinted provided the author's name and URL are included and no changes are made to the text.
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Magical Thinking: The "Magic" of Affirmations Sialkot