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Symptoms Of Tmj And Eagle's Syndrome: Revealed

Symptoms Of Tmj And Eagle's Syndrome: Revealed

Many people in the US and various other countries in the world are suffering from the TMJ dysfunction

. Hence the awareness regarding this problem, its symptoms, causes and treatments options have increased world wide. We will tale a look at the various TMJ symptoms and also its relation to the Eagle's syndrome.

The symptoms of TMJ dysfunction can range from light pain in the jaw joint to severe headaches, pain in the ear and tinnitus which can eventually lead to insanity due to continuous hissing, ringing, buzzing sounds in the ear. Although some signs of the TMJ dysfunction are easy to understand, there are various signs and symptoms that can deceive even doctors and lead to misdiagnosis of the case. For example TMJ disorder can lead to pain in the eyeballs, light sensitivity, hazy vision, which can deceive the doctor and lead him to look for optical disorders like corneal revascularization or keratitis or Fuchs's dystrophy. In the same way there have been cases where symptoms of TMJ include numbness in the fingers which can also be caused by diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, alcoholic neuropathy, cervical spondylosis and many other disorders.

In TMJ disorder, however, the numbness in the fingers is caused mainly due to uneven bite which makes the muscles linked to the jaws, neck, face and shoulders to go into temporary spasms, which further affects the brachial plexis (the nerves running into the hands and fingers). These nerves get pinched and create a tingling sensation in the fingers.

TMJ Disorder And The Eagle's SyndromeSymptoms Of Tmj And Eagle's Syndrome: Revealed

In many cases the TMJ pain is sometimes mistakenly associated with the Stylomandibular Ligament pain that is actually a symptom of the Eagle's syndrome. Though there are similarities between the temporomandibular joint pains which involve the jaw joint, in the Eagle's syndrome however the problem is caused by the stylohyoid ligament.

The styloid formation consists of a bone that is situated at the base of the skull and is further attached to various ligaments and muscles that are further linked to the throat and other adjoining areas. Due to various reasons calcification or mineralization of this bone leads it to get stuck in the jaw and throat thus leading problem while swallowing. In some cases it can become chronic and lead to pain and discomfort during the turning of the head. Eagle's syndrome can become a crippling disease leading to malnutrition and consequent weight loss, where as TMJ dysfunction might become painful but is not as distressing as this.

Eagle's syndrome can become a minor though significant factor in glossopharyngeal neuralgia which can also become fatal when combined with cardiovascular problems. It can lead to continuous and sudden weight loss and malnutrition even when not accompanied with cardiac issues. Eagle' syndrome is in fact looked upon as a leading factor for the occurrence glossopharyngeal secondary neuralgia.

However, for the ease of identifying and analyzing the primary symptoms of Eagle's syndrome can be put down as pain in the temporomandibular joint, pain in the eyeballs, sensitive teeth, throat ache that becomes severe during swallowing, discomfort in the tonsils and other problems of the stylohyoid elongations.

The symptoms of Eagle's syndrome can be treated with intra-oral splints, NSAIDs that relieve pain, anesthetic injections applied locally at the ligament joint and physiotherapy. Radiofrequency thermoneurolysis is also known to have been proven effective in the treatment of symptoms of Eagle's syndrome to some extent.

The Eagle syndrome or as it is sometimes called the Ernest syndrome can be also treated through Prolotherapy. The Prolotherapy works by strengthening the stylomandibular ligament, as the problem is mainly caused due to the weakening of the ligament. Prolotherapy is an effective procedure that repairs ligaments, tendons and cartilage damage naturally. It creates a placid inflammation in the damaged cartilage and ligaments; and as the body heals itself through inflammation Prolotherapy accelerates the healing procedure.Symptoms Of Tmj And Eagle's Syndrome: Revealed

Permanent Cure For The TMJ Dysfunction

It is very important to get proper treatment for TMJ pain and symptoms related with this particular dysfunction. There are various treatment options available ranging from conventional treatment options like surgery and drugs to over the counter medications like splints and mouthguards, and various exercises that provide relief to TMJ related symptoms. The only unfortunate thing is that none of these treatments provide a permanent solution, as they all treat only the symptoms and simply bypass the root cause of the problem.

The only permanent solution to TMJ dysfunction is provided by the holistic methods that treat the body as a whole and treat the root cause of the problem. The other treatment options only address the symptoms while ignoring the root cause, where as the holistic method identifies the actual factor causing the problem. And once the root cause is identified and eliminated the symptoms go away automatically never to return. Thus, the holistic remedies provide the permanent solution to people suffering from the TMJ dysfunction.

by: Michael Anderson
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