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Learning More About Life Insurance

Learning More About Life Insurance

One difficult thing to think about is our own death

. Often death itself isn't the issue, it is the unknown of when, where, and how we will die. If those questions were answered, most people would prepare for it one way or another. Some would do all those things they've always wanted to do, while others would save their money for their loved ones and pay off their debts. Most people, in today's economical climate, are not in the financial position to pay off debts and ease the financial burden of family members. That is the very reason why life insurance is a great option for most people. Life insurance is when an insured person pays a premium to a company so that they pay beneficiaries a predetermined amount upon death of the insured. The amount of a premium depends on a variety of factors, which include risk factors, the amount of coverage and the type of coverage.

Some of the risk factors include, age, weight, sex, smoking habits, and family medical history. While companies have a specific formula to calculate a premium based on these factors, it should be noted that those who live a less risky lifestyle will have a lower premium.

Typically the insured will acquire enough coverage to take care of all debts, funeral expenses, and ease the financial burden on loved ones. Basically, those will less incurred debt and dependents, will often choose less coverage and ultimately have a smaller premium.

Whole life is the type of policy that is most common and straightforward. In this policy, premiums are made and often can be stopped at a certain age without ending coverage.

A more complicated type of policy is Universal coverage. With this policy, there is an investment account into which the money from the premium is paid. Once the payout amount is reached, all premium payments can cease and the amount in the investment account can accrue value. A Universal policy is more flexible such that benefits can be removed, added, and changed, not to mention the premiums are generally low.

Deciding to purchase a policy and what is important, is different from individual to individual. Not everybody needs, wants, or can afford the same thing.

In an ideal world, we would be able to ensure the financial security of our loved ones after our death, but unfortunately the reality is that most people don't have that luxury and are looking for solutions to that problem. Life insurance is a great way to ensure that not only one's debts are paid off, but also that money isn't a concern left to our loved ones upon death.

by: Darren Lenderman
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