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Jeff Dunham Tickets - Put A 'string' On It

Jeff Dunham Tickets - Put A 'string' On It

He isn't your average comedian. Rather than using a microphone and the occasional glass of water as a prop, Jeff Dunham uses Bubba J, Walter and Achmed the Dead Terrorist - otherwise known as his dummies. The Encino, California-based star has risen to fame thanks to these characters and more, all who play an important role in making ventriloquism a mainstream form of entertainment again. Now with his own comedy central show and national tour, Jeff Dunham tickets are sure to please every comedy fan with tickets online.

The 47-year-old entertainer is a sell-out - in the highest form of compliment. A comedian who was ranked just below Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld in the world of comedy last year by Forbes, his Comedy Central program The Jeff Dunham Show is constantly getting rave reviews from critics and fans alike, helping to promote his unique trait.

Yet his story doesn't just begin with the October premiere of his self-titled show; instead, it rests in the backbreaking work that Dunham has created through live performances for nearly three decades. Though the majority of his original fans hail from the Midwest, when his DVD sales skyrocketed this past year, it was clear that he was becoming much more mainstream. "Jeff has brought some respectability back to an art form and craft that has been sorely lacking," Tom Ladshaw, a ventriloquism historian, said to the Los Angeles Times.

Dunham hasn't just found national success, either. Currently, his YouTube video with partner Achmed has gotten over 100 million views, including many overseas. Calling himself a go-getter, it wasn't a far stretch that the adopted son of a Dallas real estate appraiser and homemaker would find himself in the midst of such success. A fan of the late Bergen and Charlie McCarthy from over seven decades ago sparked his interest and didn't stop the nudging. Jeff Dunham Tickets - Put A 'string' On It

"I've always had this dream of pushing things as far as I could take them, so I'm not totally surprised by what's happening" he said to the Los Angeles Times. "But I never expected the international thing." Now Dunham isn't just selling out to concert halls of 5,000, but also venues where all 8,000 seats are filled with audience members who hardly speak English.

Though the desire for ventriloquism went under the radar following the 1960s, it has since seen a resurgence, and in most cases, thanks to Dunham's work. In addition, he has found success by developing his own unique characters. Dunham was able to survive school and most social situations with a dummy in hand. "I was saying things that [my schoolmates] could never get away with," he said to the New York Times, in regards to his profession becoming acceptable while in school. Now, he can talk about nearly anything, provided he has a dummy in tow.

Working constantly to promote his talent, his fear was nearly incinerated by the time he left for college and performed to highly rated audiences. Since then, he has tried to keep his work above-par, and for his varied patrons, that really makes a difference. As he doesn't have syndicated shows and films to earn a living like so many other comedians, it is all about the work he does right now. While the word "classier" doesn't come to mind - thanks to his racist, homophobic jokes- a sense of "inventiveness" does.

by: Brent Warnken
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