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Author: Alvaro Haley

Car Maintenance To Save Fuel

As gas prices carry on rising, the car industry is out in force touting the benefits of car upkeep. Many correct shops even have custom'fuel saver' services. While maintaining one's car is indeed significant, does it really save gas? Before we answer this, let's step back and take a look at auto upkeep for today's automobiles.

the 1st query we need to ask is - what does my car need ( according to the manufacturer ) for it to be considered'maintained.' Today's cars no longer have distributor caps, rotors, points, and a selection of other ignition components - so these don't need upkeep. Many cars now come with extended service parts such as 100,000-mile platinum spark plugs and life-time fuel filters. Oil change intervals have been increased to five thousand miles or more. The 3,000-mile oil change is ancient history. Yet, even if we performed all the above services, will they increase fuel efficiency? Probably not. Unless your automobile is misfiring ( i.e, not running on all cylinders ), you're gas mileage is likely fine. auto-maintenance

It is that straightforward.

This can also cause excess carbon build-up, which can reduce miles per gallon.

Excess Carbon : there is another car maintenance service that'can' help gas mileage. Some repair centers call it fuel injector automobile maintenance, or a fuel injection service. Simply, chemicals are added to your fuel system through a selection of orifices to clean out excess carbon deposits on your valves, pistons and intake manifold. Excess carbon absorbs gasoline, which would otherwise be used to power your automobile. However , before you run out and spend the $150 + to have this service performed, there is one significant point - the service will only work for autos that need it. You wouldn't wash clean garments - right?

When you see those'fuel saver' services for $100 to $300, they'll likely include an air filter, tire pressure check, and a fuel system cleaning service. If you are wondering whether your automobile wants it, ask yourself the following :

If you can answer these questions affirmatively, you are likely ok. Replacing the air filter and setting your tire pressure is commonsense. Also, if you drive like gramps, get out on the highway and press the vertical pedal at your right foot'all the way to the floor' till your automobile accelerates to speeds at which you are not all too wholly comfortable. Then repeat a few more times. This could help clean out excess carbon - FREE - less the price of fuel. Be careful.

In summary, follow your manufacturer guidelines for your car's maintenance - not ones designed by people who stand to benefit most. Use name-brand fuel, set your tire pressure occassionally, pop in an air filter, according to your car's's endorsed interval, and don't be afraid to drop the hammer occassionally.

Trevor Has been writing articles and short stories for 4yrs now, come and find out more at their latest websitedescriptions and topical reviews about Solar Car Battery Charger and more reviews at Cheap Car BatteriesAbout the Author:

The author has been writing articles and short stories for nearly four years now. During this writing experience he has written on many different topics and enjoys research.
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