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I'm Not That Into The Whole Prom Thing - Will I Regret Not Going? by:Robby Tsin

I'm Not That Into The Whole Prom Thing - Will I Regret Not Going? by:Robby Tsin

Prom is a special time in your life. Not everyone looks forward to prom, though. Does this mean that you are weird or that you are going to regret not going? Unfortunately, this is a decision that many girls (and guys) have to make on their own. No one can tell you that you do have to go to prom. At the same time, you do not want to make a decision that you will regret the rest of your life. Before you make this decision, keep a few important things in mind.

The first thing for you to do is to think prom through, thoroughly. What does prom mean to you right now? For each person, it means something different. For some, prom is a very special day, one that is to be remembered forever. For other girls, it is just a day out and dressed up, no much unlike other dances. Before you make the decision about whether or not to go to prom, really think about what prom means to you. For many, there is a deep down wanting to go to it. Does prom appeal to you in any way?

The next step in making this decision is all about talking to others. Find a few people that you are close enough to and talk to them about prom. Start with your parents and find out if they went and if they regret their decision. Find out from aunts, even 20 year old family members. You won't know what you will feel about not going to prom, but getting a perspective from those who may not have (and even those who did go) can help you to realize what you may feel later.

To get even another aspect on prom, talk to your friends about it. Find out from them what they feel about prom. Do they love it? Your friends can help you to explore your feelings, even if you never tell them what you are considering. Find out what prom means to them. As they talk about it, ask them questions. How does this make you feel? Sometimes, the excitement of others can help stir up feelings you may be suppressing otherwise. Be sure that you talk to your friends about why you do not want to go, too.I'm Not That Into The Whole Prom Thing - Will I Regret Not Going? by:Robby Tsin

Should you go to prom? If you feel that it could matter to you at all, even well down the road go. If you feel that it would be a difficult time for you, or a time that you are unhappy, consider your feelings a bit more closely. Prom is not right for everyone. By taking the time to make this decision carefully, though, you can protect the way you will feel later, too.

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I'm Not That Into The Whole Prom Thing - Will I Regret Not Going? by:Robby Tsin Rawalpindi