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Fibromyalgia In Children

Fibromyalgia In Children

Fibromyalgia is essentially a nervous system irritation which

, in medical terminology is not considered as any ailment at all. But, it was thought that children are out of its clutch. However a recent study is coming up with the fact that children fibromyalgia is not uncommon to find. There are many children suffering from various kinds of irritations which can only be attributed to Fibromyalgia.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia

The symptoms of fibromyalgia do not have any difference between the children and the adults. Muscle pain along with lethargy is the common symptom of fibromyalgia. Children too experience the same symptoms. But often they can not express what they are feeling. So Fibromyalgia in children is more difficult to diagnose.

In general diagnosing fibromyalgia is quite difficult. This is because the symptoms like lethargy, muscle pain, sleeping disorder can be associated with any other reasons; there is no inevitable relationship between Fibromyalgia and these symptoms. This makes the disease harder to spot. Same happens when it comes to the children.

Parents can not even understand that their children are undergoing some kind of physical discomfort. But since these symptoms can be caused by many other diseases, parents can not understand that their children have developed some problem.

Juvenile Fibromyalgia is not rare to diagnose. But once, it was considered that children can not develop such diseases. At the most women over the age of 18 could be thought as having Fibromyalgia.

Cause, symptoms and diagnosis

There is no universally accepted reason that we can say with guarantee as to have caused the fibromyalgia. There are many reasons behind one suffering from fibromyalgia. But there is no definite reason. Since fibromyalgia mainly attacks the nervous system, many people think that fibromyalgia is essentially a nervous system problem.

But originally, fibromyalgia is not caused by nervous problems. Apart from all these, there is no established explanation of fibromyalgia in medical terminology.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia in children are very common. Those who are suffering from it must feel muscle pain. Sleeping disorders also fall in the common symptoms of fibromyalgia. However these are all associated symptoms of the irritation known as the fibromyalgia. Children fibromyalgia is not very different.

Diagnosing fibromyalgia children is one step more difficult. This is because, first, the children can not express their discomfort in clear terms. There is always some vagueness. Second, there is no medical test to diagnose fibromyalgia directly. So, it is only the physical test that can ensure whether there is fibromyalgia in the children. This physical test too is one of its kinds.

A light pressure is applied on the surface pf the skin. If that hurts, it is understood that the concerned person is suffering from fibromyalgia. To identify fibromyalgia children you may also undertake a number of blood tests. But the result is not directly related to Fibromyalgia. If the test reports spot thyroid and any other problems, it has to be deciphered that the lethargy has no other reason than fibromyalgia.


Apart from proper medications fibromyalgia children can be brought back to the normal course of life through a mixture of life time ailments, exercises and acupuncture etc.

by: Benjamin Casley
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