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How to Get Off the Fence and Take Your Life to a Higher Place

How to Get Off the Fence and Take Your Life to a Higher Place

Author: Albert Mensah How to Get Off the Fence and Take Your Life to a Higher Place

Author: Albert Mensah

You have probably heard the expression to stop sitting on the fence. This refers to someone who is purposely not moving forward or backward but is keeping an undecided disposition, as if they are straddling a fence not knowing which way to go. Everyone seems to dislike a fence-sitter because he or she is usually afraid to commit. Fence-sitters are especially reviled in debates when it comes to hot topics like religion, politics and other current events. However, its relatively easy to become a fence-sitter in your personal life and in your professional career. Sitting on the fence doesnt necessary mean that you are unemployed or inactive. It just means that you arent interested in what you do. Your heart is not in it. While you might work hard and obey orders, some part of your soul is missing. This is not the way to live your life! Having a job is one thing, but staying at a job you dont like with little hope for change is somewhat of a depressing existence. You dont have to play this card that has been handed to you. However, determining that youre going to get off the fence and make a change in your life is the hardest part. In fact, getting off the fence and aiming high is one of the most important qualities of leaders. Leaders are not content to be just average. They are not comfortable following trends without ever reaching for the stars. They feel the dread of being just an average person. Its far more fulfilling to build a foundation of self based on your passion, enthusiasm and skills. How do you go about making such a change? Before jumping off the fence, be sure to write out a comprehensive plan. This plan mainly consists of goals that you plan to accomplish. Strengthen your resolve and commit to your commitments. Its so easy to get discouraged and to postpone your goals, which in turn, usually leads to a total suspension of your dream. You must be a leader and fight for what you want in life. The biggest struggle is not with man or with societyits with yourself. You must conquer your own inhibitions and your own negative thoughts. You must overpower the strong desire to sit on that fence and resist change. Once you allow yourself to progress, the world will wait for your accomplishments. Get up and start moving! About the Author:

Albert Mensah is a Certified Speaking Professional. Originally from the impoverished African nation of Ghana, Albert travels the country speaking, motivating and inspiring. He has performed as a keynote speaker for companies including Allstate Insurance, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Boeing, John Deere Corporation, Wells Fargo and more. Visit to learn more.
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