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How To Get And Use A Life Experience Degree, Safely.

How To Get And Use A Life Experience Degree, Safely.

Why get a fake degree?

Why one would want a fake degree? Yours reasons might be obvious, such as a job opportunity that you just wont get without one. It may be a little more subtle.

There is one reason for which you definitely shouldnt get a fake degree and there is one type of degree you should avoid like the plague, more later.

Different Types of Fake Degrees.How To Get And Use A Life Experience Degree, Safely.

Out and out copies of legitimate degrees from respected institutes are the worst. The danger is you could offend a very large, well funded self-protective organization. While an employer might be upset after contacting Harvard, Yale or Oxford and seeking confirmation of attendance, imagine how upset the university would be. You obtained a degree for $500 that costs others $50,000 and four years of their life.

Life Experience Degrees

They are good in theory because there are many folks who possess valuable skills and knowledge but have never had the time or money to document it by getting a formal degree. However, there is a problem.

Ive done extensive research on L.E.D.s and every organization I found, with the exception of one, comes from a web site that is clearly marked Life Experience Degrees. They usually also contain such words as Available to everyone and Only $399, or the clincher, Order now and save $100.

The bottom line is this what will an employer think when he/she looks it up on the net?

Glitter Degrees

Some phony degrees are too glittery. A diploma is a serious document and it should look serious. Some of the largest and oldest universities in the world issue diplomas that are surprisingly sparse and simplistic.

What is their URL

Does the degree you are considering come from a website that is a .com, .org or .net site? If it does, you might want to stop right there and reconsider things. Real schools dont use these URLs.

Its very difficult to obtain an .edu site, but real universities have them. It may be (Mexico) .edu (U.S.A.) or (Australia), but you definitely want a .edu site of some sort to back up your cover story. So far, I have found only one organization that can negotiate a degree from .edu site universities.

Once you have your degree, youre going to want to use it to improve your life. But implementing it effectively and keeping out of trouble is something that few people put much thought into.

Accident Looking for a Place to Happen

Let me ask you a question, What happens to people who try to drive a car when theyve yet to learn how to do it? They usually crash, and so will you if you dont know how to drive your degree. You paid good money for it and now you have an instrument that, if you purchased it from the right supplier, will last you a lifetime. If youve read this far, Im confident thats what you want.

Your Cover Story

Developing cover stories is my expertise. Im retired now, but I did it on a consulting basis for 23 years. Ive created cover stories for agents in just about every agency of the intelligence community you can name and some you cant. They have ranged from haggard junkies to Ph.D.s researchers in the nuclear energy field who worked in the Middle East; from experts on precious metals who have been tasked in China to Angola freedom fighters, and many others I cant talk about. I know insider information that will help you and Im willing to share it. There is a reason Im willing to share this information, which Ill get to.

You require two things:

1.)Believable supporting documentation

2.)A good cover story to back you up.

The first thing, believable supporting documentation, is your diploma, your transcripts, your resume and your references. What do they look like? Put yourself on the other side of the interviewers desk and imagine what you, as a package, look like to the interviewer. Does your degree come from an .edu site? Can transcripts be ordered? Can attendance be confirmed? Is there a $199 special on bachelor degrees if you order today? Is approval guaranteed?

You might be thinking, Oh, its just till I get that great job I want. That is failing to plan and thus planning to fail. Let me share one possible scenario that will help you understand the importance of your cover story. Ill explain it by way of an example I have taken from my files. Its about 90% based on a true experience.

If you want your phony degree to work for a long time you need to be competent in a specialized aspect of espionage. Whoa, I can hear some of you saying, 'I have to become a spy?' No, of course not, but you do need a certain spy skill, a cover story.

Keep in mind that you have a cover story that must be maintained. You have spent good money on it and invested your future in it.

Am I Paranoid

Am I paranoid? Of course I am and thats what kept me out of trouble. Im sharing this to keep you out of trouble, and one other reason which Ill disclose later.


Is this a lot of work? Certainly it will take some time and a little forethought. Look at it this way, you didnt have to spend those many dollars and years at school and you will probably earn a million dollars in your lifetime over what you would have if you didnt get a degree.

There is a presupposition that you are competent in your proclaimed field of expertise. If not, dont bother getting a fake degree of any kind.

Remember I said that there was one reason to get a fake degree that was not acceptable. That reason is to hurt people. Think things through. It must be a wise decision.

I also said there was one type of phony degree you should avoid, the Ph.D. Its a very difficult deception to pull off because it requires an original thesis which has been published or is acceptable to a peer reviewed journal.

Heres the short version of my story. During my time in the intelligence community I used a phony degree myself. The first cover story I created was my own. It worked very well for me. How To Get And Use A Life Experience Degree, Safely.

I am no longer in the community and am disillusioned with the intelligent community and the direction our country has taken based on our unbelievably poor intelligence acquisition and analysis. I no longer care. In effect, I am blowing my cover and am happy to do so if it helps others. I want you to make a wise decision because it improved my life in innumerable ways.

Of all the sites and schools I have reviewed however, I did find one that has connections with closed colleges and .edu sites. You can find them at or Google Life Experience Degrees Suck.

Larry Witman: Good luck.

by: The Intelligence Agent
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How To Get And Use A Life Experience Degree, Safely.