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How Principles And Chores Can Help Your Life

How Principles And Chores Can Help Your Life

Chores teach many values in life. Youngsters given chores are twice as likely to succeed in life. Young children learn vital principles by having daily chores. Statistics have proven that the number of chores doesn't matter compare to the regularity of jobs.

The most important principle learned growing up was to take do quality work. I can still hear my grandfather say, "Quality is number one, then quantity." The lesson learned was to always take a second look at the work completed. Learning as an adult that workmanship is important is a hard lesson to learn. Bad habits are sometimes impossible to break. Chores can teach us how to put quality first.

Another principle that chores can teach is when doing a job, do it right the first time around. Mother would bust my chops every time a shortcut was taken. Having to go back, and do the job all over again, from start to finish, is no fun. Mother's inspections came at the end of every chore. The principle learned was do it right the first time.

Another principle taught from doing chores was taking pride in work performed. Taking pride in a task will give you a feeling of accomplishment. Today, I take pride in every chore completed. Trying hard to do the very best job possible will attribute to self worth.

These are just a few of the principles learned from doing chores. Having responsibility is just part of life. If taught from the start that taking responsibility for a job well done is important then the lesson will have been worth the trouble. Wasting time in life, doing unproductive activities won't return positive results.

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How Principles And Chores Can Help Your Life