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The Life And Times Of Lanyards

The Life And Times Of Lanyards

When you take a look at how modern lanyards look

, it is quite shocking to take a look back at where they started. They have certainly come a long way, and along their travels have provided an excellent service in many different professional and personal fields. Their beginnings can be traced to the late 19th century and was simply a piece of cord. This cord was typically used to secure a type of knife that was used at the time as a weapon in war. They have certainly come a long way from holding weapons to being modern day badge holders and keepers of conference credentials.

In the middle of the 1930's, the knife was removed from the lanyard and it was instead worn as an accessory to clothing. At the time it was a piece of bland cord, but over the years people began to spruce them up bit by bit. And almost 80 years later, we now have the beautiful lanyards that you see almost every time you leave the house. Although the look and styles of lanyards have changed dramatically over time, their main purpose has basically remained the same. They are used to secure items that are important and that the user does not want to lose. Today they are often used to carry keys or employee ID's. Many companies who want their employees to wear nametags now have substituted the more fashionable lanyard in its place.
The Life And Times Of Lanyards

Another popular choice for lanyards today is using them to hold conference credentials. The reasons for this vary but all make perfect sense. First of all, it is a great way for the host company to advertise their services. If they are holding the conference, they will typically make nametags for all participants. On the lanyard itself or on the nametag, their business name could be displayed, along with their logo or website address. Since most people can easily find a new use for a quality lanyard, they don't often see the garbage can. And that makes it a valuable continuing advertising mechanism for the company.

Badge holders are another common use. These can be for a variety of badges. For example, some people who work in a secure building will have different levels of clearance. Therefore, their badges may have encryptions in them that allow them to open certain doors depending on their security level. This is especially common in prisons and psychiatric hospitals. Lanyards are great for this purpose because they are always at arm's reach, so you don't have to go burrowing through your pockets to find the key to every door. Simply lift your badge up to the security mechanism and flash it past and the door will open. This could of course cause some security concerns which is why most companies have a strict policy of reporting any lost badge immediately. Upon reporting it, the badge can be deactivated so that whoever finds it will not be able to use it to gain forbidden access.

by: William F Gabriel
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