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Holiday at Ibiza - the World's Top 3 Clubs by:Jessica Nielson

Holiday at Ibiza - the World's Top 3 Clubs by:Jessica Nielson

Ibiza has a reputation to keep as being the perfect place for night life and clubbing

. Ibiza is swarmed by tourists during summer not only because of the extreme night life experience but as well as their magnificent beaches. Starting from the month of May up until September, you will witness a transformation of a quiet resort to a lively place for clubbers. It nearly came to a point that Ibiza was going to lose its reputation as 'Mecca' for clubbers. Thanks to the support of celebrity DJs, Ibiza was able to pull back their reputation. The top celebrity DJs around the world voted Ibiza's clubs to their top 50 to venue their performance. Because of the presence of these top DJs and the glamorous and astounding venue, it is surely hard to beat Ibiza in terms of quality night life. To give you a glimpse, three clubs in Ibiza, which I will be discussing belongs to the top 10 in the world.

The information below will provide you the lists and descriptions of the top 3 clubs that were voted by the top DJs in the world.

1. Space (1st in the world)

Space is ranked as top 1 and is regarded as the best night club, not only in Ibiza, but to the whole world. Space grabbed and won several awards. To name some; the Space won the 'Best Club in the World' at the 2001 Dancestar awards, the Space also won a back to back 'Best Global Club' at the international Dance and Music Awards dated back on 2005 and 2006. The Space's most active day is Sunday, quite intriguing indeed since Sunday is suppose to be a rest day. The club opens at 8am on Sunday and closes at 6am on Monday. These club hours would certainly test your endurance.Holiday at Ibiza - the World's Top 3 Clubs by:Jessica Nielson

2. Pacha (3rd in the world)

You may have heard that Pacha is a name for chain of night clubs in Europe, but it is believed that Pacha in Ibiza is the first and origin to this chain of night clubs. Pacha is started way back in 1973. This is a huge night club that could cater three thousand five hundred people (3,500). The famous DJ Pete Tong hosts the club during the peak of the summer months. It is also good to know that Pacha is the only club to open during the winter season. So if you plan to go to Ibiza during these days, you would never miss its nightlife.

3. DC10 (7th in the world)Holiday at Ibiza - the World's Top 3 Clubs by:Jessica Nielson

When we speak about the setting, or how the place is presented to their guest and visitors, DC10 is the most striking club in Ibiza. DC10 also ranked as the top 7 club in the world. DC10 has an 'airport' theme. You will surely be amused of the giant inflatable airplanes that obviously support their theme. They also have interesting acoustics. The club also has a wide area for clubbers. It caters one thousand five hundred (1,500) guests each night creating a lively atmosphere. The famous DJs; Jo Mills, CLoco Dice and Cirillo hosts the club.

Actually, five clubs in Ibiza belonged to the top 50 in the world and four of them belonged to top 10. Certainly, night life is the most interesting thing to do in Ibiza. There are plenty of clubs to chose from, but I suggest, never to miss these top clubs for you to experience why Ibiza is considered as the best place for clubbing in the world.

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Holiday at Ibiza - the World's Top 3 Clubs by:Jessica Nielson