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Helping Teenagers Cope With Acne

Helping Teenagers Cope With Acne

Helping Teenagers Cope With Acne

Are you a parent of a teenager who refuses to step outside the house just because she has acne? If yes then you have a huge task ahead of you, not just getting your child treated but also regularly counseling her, as no matter how trivial it may seem to you, acne can make her quite disturbed emotionally.

The first part as a parent would be to ensure that she has a nutritious diet. Take her to a nutritionist and get a diet chart on the basis of her personal body's requirements. As teenage years bring along with them hormonal imbalances due to the onset of puberty, it is not just acne which may trouble her. She may not be quite receptive to your telling her what is right or wrong for her. High time you be her friend and confidante, and not the authoritarian parent you were just a while back.

Dictating terms are going to boomerang, so preferably you should not even try it. Sit down with her and plan out how you "both" are going to tackle acne. Give her "suggestions" on what can be done and let her have the benefit of choosing from them. Let her understand the benefits of a healthy diet and how the junk food she has been living on is responsible for the acne scars and acne marks all over her face.

Try to suggest some natural acne treatments that she can do on her own. Many times teenagers are not too keen to discuss their problems with a doctor; giving her herbal remedies for acne may make her feel more relaxed than poring out her problems to a stranger. Generally, since the acne is just at the initial stage, such home remedies may prove to be quite beneficial. Ensure that she has a good intake of water and fluids like coconut water. Again, do not be standing on her head with a glass of water every hour. You may just give her a bottle of water and ask her to keep tabs on how many she could finish in a day. Gradually suggest increasing the intake.

You have to remember that you are not policing her but just aiding her in eradicating acne and helping her get back her beautiful natural clear skin. Regular reminding of the acne and how horrible they look would only make her stubborn and retaliate that she would not do anything about them as teenagers love to rebel. Make her understand that you can empathize with her but acne is not the end of the world.

Now the second part of the parenting is teaching your teenager to be confident about how she looks and the people around her are not judging her on the basis of the acne on her face but by the person she is. Make your child feel confident and beautiful from within. Any psychological disturbances now can be a huge deterrent in her overall personality development and can cause serious issues for her in her later life. As a parent, it is your duty to make your child self-assured so that when she steps out she knows that she is not being judged harshly.
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Helping Teenagers Cope With Acne