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Growing Kids Is Not A Childs Play Any Longer!

Growing Kids Is Not A Childs Play Any Longer!

Earlier, children were considered as smaller versions of adults and not as someone who can think differently than the adults

. The way a child is brought up depends largely on the parents. Parents are a childs first teachers. Children are very sensitive and their power of observation is much more than adults. People might talk thinking that their child is occupied with playing. That is very untrue, a child can absorb anything that someone is saying while giving an appearance of playing or occupied otherwise. One should be very careful about what they talk about around a child. Many children remember like elephants. They might recite word-by-word after months! Children can be easily influenced directly or in-directly. We know that kids dont know the meaning for a lot of swear words that we use, but how do they pick them up so quickly when adults utter it? This is because, we give an additional stress when we swear, and this is picked easily by a kids sensitive ear. Many of us may have noticed that the vocabulary of a childs changes once he or she goes to school, again they pick up something that is commonly spoken around them.

The baby stage is the easiest stage to handle a child; many may disagree saying that late night wake-ups, bottle feeding and changing nappies are much more tedious work to do than looking after them when they grow up. That is not true, one has to start looking after a child both physically and mentally when they grow up. For example, when a lot of us see secure and happy child at home, it comes rather as nasty shock when another parent or teaches comes and tells you that your child is really moody and temperamental in school. You may sit and break your head at what went wrong, but it might have been a small thing that an incident at school might have triggered. Similarly, a child might have had a sunny and easy to go disposition when he or she was younger, but as they grow it tends to change. This kind of change in disposition may come due to the surroundings. One thing that we must realize is that a childs behavior does not change by itself; it is triggered by the people or environment around them.

The relationship a child has on the social context depends on the immediate circle of people they come in contact on an everyday basis. Immediate family, friends and school influences the child in a social environment. In a cultural context, a child gets influenced and relate to the way their parents live. That is the values, customs and assumptions followed by the parents. This influences the culture a child follows. Social class is also a huge influence in the development of the child. The socioeconomic status is again influenced the amount of education people around the child have, their financial status, the job that they go for and the place where they live. There is a vast difference between a child brought up in a higher socioeconomic status where they have more access to greater opportunities like education, food, nutrition and health care to a child grown up in a lower socioeconomic status. These three factors social, cultural and socioeconomic context play very important roles in child psychology.

Nowadays, children are also easily influenced by the various forms of communications like the Cox communications which they have daily access to. They tend to behave like their favorite cartoon character; try to imitate the antics of their favorite super hero, gets molded by what they see on television and through the access that they have for internet. So, it is up to the parents to decide on the level of exposure that they have to the different forms of communications and entertainment.

by: Samantha
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Growing Kids Is Not A Childs Play Any Longer!