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Teaching Children To Respect Your Yorkie Puppy

Teaching Children To Respect Your Yorkie Puppy


Showing your child how to respect your Yorkie puppy is a very important part of maintaining peace and tranquility in your home. If you are constantly raising your voice towards your child because they are trying to play with the puppy, it will get you nowhere. Staying calm and positive when teaching respect is important, so keep that in mind when starting your lesson.

How You Can Teach Your Child

Its a normal reaction for a child to be excited to see a cute little puppy. In fact, we usually respond the same way they would. There is a propHelp For Puggle Puppys Who Control YouTeaching Children To Respect Your Yorkie Puppy

Why Your Puppy Controls You

You may think the human is always in control when it comes to puppies, but for some owners its the other way around. Puppies love attention and affection, so when they get it from their owner whenever they want, a switch can click in their head. For some breeds this happens more than others, but it is always a big issue that needs attention. Puggle puppies love to run around and get you to join in, but you may notice at times that they can get aggressive if you arent playing with them. If a puppy sees that you give them anything they want, whenever they want, they will try to control you and its your job to stay in control.

Why its Problem

Obviously its a negative situation if your puppy is controlling how you treat them and how you socialize with them. Its an even bigger problem because it can lead to bigger issues and altercations down the road. If your Puggle puppy starts to control you at a young age they will continue their controlling behavior as they get older, which can lead to aggression, lashing out and even possibly having to give them away.

How You Can Prevent it

There are some very simple and effective ways of not letting your puppy control you in the first place. During bed time, place them in a crate with some water, blankets and toys instead of bringing them into the bed with you. They will cry and bark because they want to be with you, but stand your ground and they will understand that you are in control, not them. Another way you can prevent your Puggle puppy from controlling you is to teach them commands and give them a set feeding schedule. If they see that you are controlling when they eat and what to do, they will understand that they need to listen to you and not try to control the situation.

How You Can Stop it

If you notice that your puppy is controlling you, take action right away before things become out of control and unbearable. Start disciplining them and not letting them have what they want right away. If your puppy acts out, punish them by taking a toy or putting them in their crate. This is one of the most effective ways of discipline, not physical contact. er way to teach your child how to respect the new member of the house without raising your voice or disciplining them. One way you can teach your child to respect the puppy is to sit down with them and roll a ball around on the floor. If the child goes straight for the puppy, teach them how to pet the puppy and how to always be gentle with them. If you teach them right away that a puppy is a lot like they were as a baby, in that they need to have a gentle touch and soft voice when playing with the Yorkie puppy. Once you make this association it will help them to realize why they need to stay quiet and calm with the puppy.

Playing With the Puppy

Teaching your child the proper way to play with the puppy is very important as stated above. You want your puppy and child to play together in a bonding way, not in an aggressive or jealous way. Teaching your child how to respect the puppy and all other animals is important because it will build a foundation for them to follow and build on for the rest of their lives. If you instill these values in your child at an early age, the odds of them adopting their own puppy one day and respecting them are very high.

by: eugenejmunoz
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