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Getting Life Insurance If Your Are Hiv Positive

Getting Life Insurance If Your Are Hiv Positive

Life insurance is an important part of planning for your future

. If you have dependants or loved ones who rely on you for their financial well being then life insurance can offer you a peace of mind and some comfort knowing they will be taken care of after your death. Finding out you are HIV positive can be stressful enough but when you try to obtain a life insurance policy it can create more stress when you are rejected on the spot. There are way to protect your loved ones after you pass away, some insurance companies will offer burial costs to you but very seldom will you be offered lump sum payments.

You should look to see if you already have any policies in place that include death benefits and also to determine if they have any rider policies. You may have a life insurance policy through your mortgage on your home or even one that was offered as part of your employment package at your job. If you do have any policies in place keep them current, it is extremely important not to allow them to end as you may not be able to get them back with the HIV status.

The social security department should be contacted to find out what your death benefits are and who the beneficiaries are for those benefits. You can find out how the payments will be made and make any changes if necessary at this time.

An attorney can be helpful to explain the death benefits that you have in place and to answer questions about beneficiaries and how they are to be paid after your death.

The human resources department at your job will be able to assist you with any programs or life insurance policies that they offer that may be available to you. Many employers will automatically have you insured through a group life insurance policy that pays out a certain percentage of your wages in the event of your death. These policies require no underwriting and no pre qualification. If you are not already a part of this program you can find out how to go about getting included in the policy. It is usually a very small amount paid directly from your paycheck.

If you are employed where no policies are available for death benefits then you may choose to look for an employer who does offer the benefits and switch jobs. Even if you take a cut in pay it is worth the peace of mind that your loved ones will be taken care of. Be sure this does not affect your health insurance coverage as many policies will refuse pre existing conditions.

Your HIV AIDS counselor will also be able to help with finding you programs or life insurance companies that may be able to assist you in your search for peace of mind. There are several insurance companies that are now accepting clients that are HIV positive because of the great results the AIDS medications has on their life span.

Guaranteed insurance companies are available to anyone even if they are terminally ill. The policies will usually only cover the cost of your funeral or burial and will have much higher premiums.

by: Graham McKenzie.
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Getting Life Insurance If Your Are Hiv Positive