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Extracurricular Activities In Student Life: Pros And Cons

Extracurricular Activities In Student Life: Pros And Cons

Student life in college may be improved in many different ways

, and the idea of extracurricular activities is one of such ways. The variety of extracurricular activities provides many students with an opportunity to be engaged in different activities, groups, and associations which exist under college patronage. Such activities may be of different types: academic, athletic, artistic, etc, and they can lead to different outcomes, both positive and negative.

Before you get engaged into any extracurricular activity, you should know what to expect from it and what you should better beware of.

Pros of Extracurricular Activities in Colleges

Meetings with new people;

Possibilities to develop personal skills and abilities;

Chances to discuss the themes which are interesting for you with different people;

Abilities to help other people be understood and supported;

Opportunities to spend time profitably;

Chances to start planning future career;

Some kind of confidence and protection in a college;

Possibility to ask for any kind of help anytime;

Communications which make you smarter, stronger, and more confident.

Cons of Extracurricular Activities in Colleges

Necessity to spend much time with different people and forget about the importance of education;

Importance to be involved into activities at expense of education;

Inabilities to divide time properly;

Obligation to spend some money to be a member of the chosen organization;

Inequality between students;

Division into groups which prevent students integration.

In fact, it is possible to find many cons and pros of all extracurricular activities in colleges. This is why it is better to use a chance to be a member of some organization reasonably and never forget the main purpose of your student life to get proper education!

by: Randy Wheeler
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Extracurricular Activities In Student Life: Pros And Cons Washington