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Galapagos Islands Tours by:Jack Lyon

Galapagos Islands Tours by:Jack Lyon

Galapagos Islands - unforgettable tours

The Galapagos Islands are a group of islands located in the eastern Pacific Ocean, and coming under the administrative jurisdiction of Ecuador. These islands consist of 13 major islands, 6 smaller islands and several islets and rocks. An interesting destination for those looking to get away from the maddening crowds usually encountered at popular holiday spots, Galapagos makes you feel you are in a different era altogether. Go for a holiday in Galapagos, you will never regret it!


The Galapagos Islands were accidentally discovered in 1535, when Toms de Berlanga, the first bishop of Panama, drifted offcourse during his journey from Panama to Peru. For the next 3 centuries, these islands were primarily used as a base by buccaneers and sailors, primarily since there was an abundance of fresh flora and fauna. In 1835, the Galapagos Islands (islands of tortoises) received their first major (and the most important) visitor in Charles Darwin, who'd come aboard the Beagle as a part of his study for his Theory of Evolution. Darwin spent 5 weeks on the islands, out of which 19 days were spent on the 4 major islands collecting important evidences for his theory - published a few decades later. Ecuador took control of the islands in 1832. In 1934, some of the islands were declared as wildlife sanctuaries; in 1959, 97% of the islands were officially designated as national parks. Around 80,000 tourists visit these beautiful islands annually.

Galapagos Cruises

Interested in visiting the Galapagos Islands? You could try a Galapagos cruise to enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of these islands. Several tour operators offer affordable as well as luxury packages for Galapagos cruises - however, make sure you don't go to Galapagos expecting a Hawaiian holiday! For a great cruising experience, you could try the Galapagos cruises offered by

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Galapagos Islands Tours by:Jack Lyon