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Five Tips On Teaching Your Kids To Fish

Five Tips On Teaching Your Kids To Fish

Teaching your kids to fish is a great introduction to a wonderful hobby that they will enjoy throughout their lives

. The trouble is if you start out on the wrong foot you could easily put them off fishing for life.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your kids learn to fish the enjoyable way, and don't give up after the first day.

Get Child Sized Gear For Your Kids: Your kids will feel more enthusiastic about their fishing trip, if you make them feel involved and get them proper child-size gear. A small tackle bag, or tackle backpack will allow them to feel their participation is being taken seriously. It will also help to familiarize them with fishing tackle. Also make sure that you pick an inexpensive rod and reel that is suitable for their age and size.

An Abundance of Fish: Children like to be rewarded for their efforts. If they don't catch a fish on their first day, they may feel bored and disappointed. So take them to a place that has plenty of fish. That way they will be so excited after their first catch, that they will be keen to go again.

Planning is Part of the Excitement: Planning and anticipation is a huge part of the excitement in any new endeavor. You can involve your kids in planning their first fishing trip, by taking them with you to choose their fishing rod and reel and tackle bag. You can also teach them some fishing knots at home, and show them how to practice casting prior to the trip.

Preventing Boredom: Young kids have short attention spans, so make their first few fishing trips short ones. Anything more than a couple of hours will probably be way too long. Remember to encourage them, praise them and keep them involved.

Don't pressurize them into feeling that they need to catch a fish, just let them have fun. Teach them about the different items in their tackle bag, and show them how to catch and release but don't try to teach them everything at once. They will only become overwhelmed.

Put Safety First: An accident is the last thing you want, when you're teaching your kids to fish, so make sure you minimize all risks. A calm, shallow lake will make a safe fishing spot. Also, give your kids barbless hooks to avoid any potential accidents.

Explain safe fishing tackle storage to your kids, to avoid mishaps and encourage them to understand the importance of safety outdoors.

Follow these tips and your kids' love of fishing will outgrow that first tackle bag and rod and reel.

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Five Tips On Teaching Your Kids To Fish