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Facts and Figures about Starting an Online Home Business Today by:Pablo Guessi

Facts and Figures about Starting an Online Home Business Today by:Pablo Guessi

Online home businesses represent the fastest growing commercial sector in the world today

. Even faster than the pharmaceutical or consumer goods industries. So it would not be very wise to ignore its potential in generating the lifestyle that many people aim for every day and the quality of life that we want for ourselves and our families.

A few global facts about why people start their online home business are described below:

1. Become our own bosses - we want to work hard every day knowing that we are doing it for ourselves and not somebody else

2. Spend more time with family and friends - starting an online home business will allow us to spend more time travelling, going out to our favorite places and most importantly, to be on our own schedule.

3. Control our own financial destiny - with the proper mindset and effort, we can avoid debt, create an unlimited profit potential and use creativity to ultimately have fun with our business.

4. Achieve recognition and status - this is basically a by-product when everything is done correctly. As a result our value to society is greatly increased automatically.

There are also other important facts and figures when it comes to starting an online home business, but no to worry; these are also positive and promising statistics:

- There are approximately 1.3 billion people on the internet today, and 30 million people are looking to join the free enterprise industry every day.

- 36% of the users surfing the net today, use it exclusively for purchasing. That means 468 million buyers for every business out there. It is a huge market!

- There are over 300 million English speaking people and 100 million Spanish speaking users on the World Wide Web daily. And that is only taking into consideration two languages. So, there is an immense potential right from the start.

- 5% of conventional jobs will be replaced by online home businesses in the next 5 years!

And those are just to start with, as we dig in deeper lots of opportunities are created with affiliate marketing, make money products which are not even tangible and the selling and advertising of information through eBooks and programs. It really is just a matter of knowing how to advertise correctly and driving a targeted market share to your website; nothing more, nothing less.

Every single online home business requires a certain level of time, labor and commitment in order for it to work successfully. There is no way around it. So as entrepreneurs, we have a few obligations that we are presented with right at the startup process:

1. Complete responsibility - it is our own business, so we have to face the consequences of what we do with it day in and day out. That includes our investment capital and personal assets. Take risks intelligently and avoid mistakes by following successful people in the industry.

2. Good customer service - this is vital in every step of the way: before, during and after a sale. This will determine the satisfaction level of a client or affiliate marketer. Mentoring, availability and a method of operation that is ever evolving are the key aspects here.

3. Diversification - you will be part of a global market when starting your online business, so reach for as many people in as many different countries as possible. Do not let language become a barrier when developing your business. Speak without fear and do not be afraid to expose yourself to criticism. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

4. Focus on target markets - decide who you are addressing with your products and services and stick to that market share. Avoid unfiltered prospects and people that could possibly waste your time and money by providing high quality products or a simple and well designed squeeze page.

Starting a home business, especially online, is an exciting challenge and it can be a very rewarding experience too if you follow a few simple steps. In many cases, you do not even need previous marketing experience or to be on top of every single technical aspect of the business or opportunity you start or take part in. Do not be fooled by myths and get as many accurate facts and figures as possible. A general guideline says that you do not need to spend more than 20 minutes on each part of your online home business every day in order to succeed. For example:

- Go to different blogs and make a decent comment pointing back to your website. That takes about 5 minutes of your time.

- Write an article for 20 minutes. Even if you do not finish it, at least you got started and you can go back to it later.

- Go to a forum and make one or two useful posts related to your business or about starting a home business.

- Browse the web for video and audio marketing and other web 2.0 tools that might help you. It takes 10 or 15 minutes max.

The amazing thing about having your own business is that you have complete control over everything related to it, including time. So you do not have to deal with everything mentioned above all at once. Just choose the right time for you and do something today. That is all it takes to starting on the Internet successfully.

This is why I stated right from the start, that we cannot ignore the potential of the free enterprise or online home businesses today. It is there for the taking and facts and figures indicate that chances of success in the first year for any business are close to 85%, on the second year they drop down to 70% and on the third consecutive year they drop even further to 62%. So it is very, very important that we do things correctly as soon as we start! If we do that, over 70% of all home businesses will be operating successfully after two years or less; it is entirely up to each one of us. Get started now!

To your success.

About the author

Pablo Guessi is an Internet Marketer who specializes in Online Advertising through lead generation and organic traffic techniques. For more information on starting your online business today and valuable free gifts while marketing a unique business opportunity, please visit:
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