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Divorce Tips For Parents-Protect Your Child's Self Esteem and Identity During a Divorce

Divorce Tips For Parents-Protect Your Child's Self Esteem and Identity During a Divorce

Divorce Tips For Parents-Protect Your Child's Self Esteem and Identity During a Divorce

When children find out that their parents are getting a divorce, they experience an array of emotions. They have the same feeling like adults even when they know the reason why their parents are separating. They may eventually blame themselves when they remember all the times their parents had disagreement over them.

Children should be talked to about the divorce; they should be told that they are not the cause of it. This will definitely make them have sense of worth; many children from divorced parents possess low self esteem when they grow up as they are not sure of their role in the divorce. Children may want to be compassionate during this period, therefore, the parents should make their children talk about how they are affected by the divorce. Many children keep the truth away thinking that they should not compound their parents' problems.

Trying new things will make the children cope with what is happening to their parents, each person needs to have their own identity when parents have gotten a divorce. They should be able to pursue and actualize their dreams and practice what makes them happy. The two parents should keep some common things the same during the divorce. The children will be conscious of this and it will help them to get their lives back in shape. Children need stability to succeed.

A struggle the children may find too difficult to handle is suppressing what is going on inside of them concerning the divorce; this may lead to depression and some other problems like developing self esteem and identity. The effects of a divorce on children are not immediate alone but continuous; they take their cues from the adults. The parents should therefore do their best to have a good relationship with their ex spouse for the sake of their children.

The children should be encouraged to do what will make them happy. The parents coming out of marriage should also participate in what makes them happy and recover from the effects of divorce. If otherwise, you would not be able to fully commit yourself to the needs and problems of your children. You as well as the children will be successful in life when you recognize and accept who you are and are proud of it. While you cannot take all the negative emotions and burdens of a divorce from your children, you can help them to maintain their self esteem and integrity.

Make sure you do everything in your capability to help your children survive, succeed and be satisfied as many parents that came out of divorce are carrying the scars from their own childhood and the divorce of their own parents. Divorce is very common and in many occasions unavoidable. Therefore do not allow your children to experience all the sadness, dejection and frustration that are often associated with a divorce.
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