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Declutter And Organize - Seven Rules For Decluttering Your Life

Declutter And Organize - Seven Rules For Decluttering Your Life

Do you need to declutter and organize your life

. Here are several "decluttering rules" that I try to live by. No, I don't always keep these myself, but they are goals to be attained.

Whether you want to declutter your life because you want to create a more relaxing energy to flow through your home or you just want to walk through your house without tripping, then the following rules will help.

Rule #1: When it doubt, throw it out

If you haven't used it in a year or more the odds are that it's just not that important in your life.

Rule #2: Store Objects In The Most Efficient Spaces

This means that you should place the objects, that you do intend to use, in the most accessible places.

Another useful tip along these lines is to store similar items together. For example, if you have several flower vases, store these together.

Rule #3: Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!

When you think recycling, though, think along creative lines. Take books to booksellers that sell used books or to libraries for their book sales. Recycle newspapers and if possible magazines.

Rule #4: Need Filing Cabinet?

Got papers? Get a filing cabinet. And the very least get a filing box or boxes.

Rule #5: Get Zen With The Space

Okay, so this rule sounds a little weird, but it's useful. Instead of constantly worrying about all the clutter you currently have, start visualizing your house as clutter free.

Rule #6: Do It Right Now!

A lot of the clutter accumulates in our homes simply because we do not want to deal with it "in the moment."

A good example, of this, is your mail. For instance, every day your postal carrier drops mail off in your mail box. What exactly do you do with that mail? If you're like most of us, you look through it, set it aside and forget all about it.

Instead of putting everything aside, you could have dealt with this in a more efficient matter. You could have taken the few moments to separate the bills and placed them on your desk in a small container, where you'll sit the next time you pay them.

Take the junk mail and begin to prioritize that. Mail that doesn't appeal to you at all throw out immediately. Flyers you may want to look at later like for your trip to the grocery store set in a basket to look at later (preferably one close to where you sit in the evening). In this way, their presence triggers you to at least glance through them.

Rule #7: Label Things

In fact, putting your items in bins and labeling them can help you pinpoint with amazing accuracy exactly where the item you're looking for is really hiding!

Declutter And Organize - Seven Rules For Decluttering Your Life

By: Maria
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