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Are You Aware Of How You Feel In Your Life And What Will That Do For You?

Are You Aware Of How You Feel In Your Life And What Will That Do For You?

How many times a day does someone ask you "how are you"

? You probably offer a typical reply of "I'm fine", but are you?

Even if you are doing all the right things to stay healthy it is a good idea to make time for a systems check. If you are not yet doing so well at being a healthy person then you definitely need to do this.

Often we ignore the state of our health and rationalize it by telling ourselves that our busy schedule just will not allow it. Are we really too busy to care for our selves?

If this sounds a lot like you then consider the old adage "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". There are some key things to do before you decide to make the commitment to your self regarding your health.Are You Aware Of How You Feel In Your Life And What Will That Do For You?

1 Acknowledge that deciding to have a physical is proactive

2 If you do not have a doctor, ask around for referrals

3 Schedule a "meet and greet" with your new doctor prior to scheduling any type of physical exam

4 Go to the appointment. Not following through is the same as not owning your health in the first place, so go!

You will want to establish with your doctor that you are your own "advocate" in your health. If he or she is not on board with this then you will want to find another doctor.

Being an advocate for your own health means that you are a sort of partner with your doctor. You agree to be responsible for your good health and they agree to give clear information regarding your health and any problems you may encounter.

Most of us are aware that we would benefit from certain types of exams beginning at certain ages. Did you know that other factors affect when you seek a medical exam?

Age. Generally speaking, the turning of the decade in our lives starting at around 30 is when most of us will need one type of exam or physical.

Family history. If you have a family history of heart disease or breast cancer, you may very well need to begin regular exams earlier.

Risk factors. If you lead a sedentary life, over indulge in fatty foods or smoke you may be a larger risk for certain diseases.

Intuition. This is when you have a vague feeling that something just is not right.

The bottom line is that knowing what condition your condition is in is a good thing. If you are willing to be proactive and seek out a doctor who shares your views on health then you are serving your own healthy interests.

by: Michael C. Miller
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Are You Aware Of How You Feel In Your Life And What Will That Do For You?