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Children Discover Materials For Art In Many Places

Children Discover Materials For Art In Many Places

Children are natural artists. Many parents first notice a child's gift for art when they find flower petals, seeds and berries carefully arranged among the roots of a tree within the back yard. Like their prehistoric ancestors kids find materials for art growing wild in their natural environment.

Scarves or handkerchiefs with colors that look nice with each other tied into a chain may constitute an early effort at artistic expression. A little one toddling around the kitchen may discover bright plastic measuring cups or colorful storage container lids and arrange them in original patterns on the floor.

It comes as no surprise that Crayola colour crayons are one of the most popular and best selling toys in the world because they had been introduced to the world early in the twentieth century. Kids adore them. They enjoy filling in the colors of line drawings in coloring books but they also enjoy creating their own original works.

Numerous parents are chagrined to discover they have an entry-level mural artist within the house when they discover evidence of artistic genius on the living room walls. Smart moms and dads who feel that their young artist should have room to expand their artistic expression will cover portions of floors and wall with large pieces of newsprint.Children Discover Materials For Art In Many Places

Young individuals and old people alike find all kinds of paints to be a source of pleasure. Numerous young artists were introduced to painting when they received a metal box of water colours. Finger paints in plastic jars delight numerous children with their bright colours and also the oozey way they feel between the fingers.

Finger painting can be a messy project and many parents are reluctant to permit an activity that will result in lots of work later. Read the labels for information on what to do if someone gets paint in their mouth or on good clothes. Preparing for a finger paint session by covering the table with newspapers and also the kids with old shirts will save clean-up time later.

Paints can be bought at small price at numerous different shops but sometimes you run out. Or sometimes kids find themselves in a house that doesn't keep a supply of paints on hand. Numerous rainy days or visit to relatives has been turned from disaster to delight by a smart grandma or babysitter who knows how to make homemade paints. Ingredients such as laundry soap, dishwashing detergent, cornstarch, shaving cream, fruit flavored gelatin and food coloring can be combined to create water colors and finger paints that are fun to paint with and smell good too. Recipes for do-it-yourself paints could be found on the web but grown-ups who are willing to experiment just a little might discover a formula of their own.Children Discover Materials For Art In Many Places

Once children are in kindergarten they're likely to discover poster paints. These affordable paints are washable and easy to use. They are appropriate for painting on a large scale, unlike water colors. Junior high and high school students use poster paints to paint huge signs announcing games, fund raising events and other activities.

Eventually a young artist is likely to find out spray paints. These children discover that the world is full of surfaces to paint on and they need not be limited to paper or canvas. They paint on the sides of stores or office buildings, trains, and bridges. These youthful artists with larger-than-life ambitions are known as "Taggers" and often find themselves on the wrong side of the law. However in some cities people are beginning to recognize that there is often actual talent behind the vandalism. They have begun to recognize that spray paints could be materials for art and not just for trouble making. These cities have begun to explore ways that the talents of Taggers could be developed and used to enhance the quality of life in their communities.

Children Discover Materials For Art In Many Places

By: Darell Belen
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