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The Secret To Finding The Best Health Insurance For A Single Person

The Secret To Finding The Best Health Insurance For A Single Person

When you are young and single, you do not have many responsibilities

. You do not need to worry about providing for dependents and can benefit from having a basic level of health insurance coverage at an affordable rate. But with so many health insurance companies offering different deals, how do you go about finding the best health insurance plan for you?

What Are the Primary Risks?

When you are single, you often give little thought to health issues. Most young people enjoy relatively good health even if they don't particularly take care of their bodies. Most serious diseases manifest later in life but even so, there are certain health aspects that you should not be flippant about. Medical studies generally agree that if your family has a history of heart disease or cancer, you are at a moderately higher risk level. If you lead a particularly stressful lifestyle and work ridiculously long hours, you will be more prone to getting sick as your immune system will quickly and easily get run down. But perhaps the biggest concern is a car accident as it is an unexpected event that can result in major injuries. Treatment of these injuries can require extensive medical treatment and hospitalization which can get very costly. If you do not have adequate health insurance, you may not be able to get the treatment that you require and this could impact your life quite substantially.

Evaluate Your Lifestyle and Health Insurance NeedsThe Secret To Finding The Best Health Insurance For A Single Person

It is unnecessary when you are young, single and in good health to have an extensive and expensive health plan. Most of these plans seem like a good idea at the time because they offer such good coverage. The problem is that you will probably be paying for a whole lot of benefits that you will never use. So effectively you are paying high premiums for little benefit. In order to find a health insurance policy that meets your needs, take some time to evaluate your lifestyle. If you maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle by eating balanced meals and exercising, you should have a strong immune system and seldom require doctor visits or medication. A basic health plan that covers major accidents or hospitalization is generally adequate. If you are female, you may want a plan that includes pregnancy coverage as well.

Research Different Health Insurance PlansThe Secret To Finding The Best Health Insurance For A Single Person

Draw up a list of your major criteria. List things such as hospitalization, surgery, dental treatment, and whatever other factors you think are important. Also consider what you are willing to pay for health insurance premiums on a monthly basis. Do an online search for health insurance. There are many websites that act as brokers and will provide you with quotes from a variety of different health insurance companies. You can also contact a local insurance broker and ask them for quotes. Once you have the quotes, compare the premiums and levels of coverage offered. It is also important to read up on any possible exclusions that may exist in the policy or co-payments that may be required. There is nothing worse than thinking you are covered only to discover you have to make a co-payment. This usually happens when you can least afford it. If you have questions relating to a policy, contact the insurance company helpdesk or ask your broker for clarification. Have the information upfront and know exactly what you are covered for.

Shop Around to Get the Best Possible Coverage for the Most Affordable Premium

Once you know what your health insurance needs are and have a variety of quotes, it is likely you will have a shortlist of your top choices. Most often, the cheapest health plan will not have all the benefits you require and it is up to you to decide if you are willing to pay a little more for added benefits. There is nothing wrong with going back to your broker and asking them if they can match another quote. Sometimes health insurance companies will be willing to discount premiums in order to gain your business. They know that people do not regularly switch health insurance plans so if you choose them, you are likely to stay with them a while. If you can present a case that you are in good health, maintain a healthy lifestyle and are therefore less of a medical risk, they may give your request more serious consideration. You may then benefit from getting more extensive coverage for a lower premium and have the peace of mind that you are adequately covered.

by: Frank Kasimov
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The Secret To Finding The Best Health Insurance For A Single Person