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Camping vs. Outdoor Adventure by:Dan Sullivan

Camping vs. Outdoor Adventure by:Dan Sullivan

Camping means driving to a remote piece of nature

, having some of what I need and eating out of zip-lock bags for a few days while swatting mosquitoes. I want to share this beauty with my kids.

My camping memories are from my late teens and twenties, when I was just beginning to have real obligations. As I look back, camping for me then was as much about what wasn't there on a camping trip as what was. There wasn't a phone, though that's getting tough to pull off, but more importantly, there wasn't a context of obligation.

When you are camping, you have only a few things to worry about, like the food you're about to eat and whether you have enough sunscreen or the right number of layers - depending on the season. That's it. If you're doing it properly, cell phone coverage isn't an issue, nor are tax returns, registering your kid for kindergarten, fixing the dog scratches on the cabinet or worst of all - cleaning.

In fact, the only types of cleaning that you might find yourself needing to do when camping, in order of preference, are: cleaning fish (not all that fun but it does mean you've been fishing and that you caught something worthwhile), brushing the dirt and dead bugs out of your tent, and rinsing that one pan that everything gets cooked in. You probably won't be clean yourself - it is camping.Camping vs. Outdoor Adventure by:Dan Sullivan

Now that I'm older, comparing life in my thirties to life in my twenties, the obligations are much, MUCH greater now. My house, though I like it and appreciate it, is an omnidirectional, ever-present reminder of things that I need to do, fix, buy, sell, donate, or worst of all, clean. So, I find myself with the desire to escape to the woods and call it camping. With two young sons, I also think about the experience they'll have and what they will remember and I am constantly thinking the thoughts of how can life improve for my kids vs. my life. I think of family relationships, money, self-confidence, education - all the things that I want them to have a good perspective on - and whatever activity is at hand. In this case, camping.

I decided that their camping views needn't be the escapist trips that mine were, and set out to see what else might be better. A proactively sought outdoor adventure vs. an escape.

First, we would need to see more - I always camped in the same kinds of places on the weekends when everyone with a tent was out also. Second, combine it with an active activity vs. 'just camping'. Third, go big and teach my children to think big and prosperous vacations versus weekend-cramming, penny pinching jaunts to a campground.

So I am replacing a hurried weekend jaunt to a campground with a proper outdoors vacation to a new place, we're going to take trips in huge Land Rovers (a.k.a. Super Jeeps) over wild terrain, and third... we're going to do it on a volcano island it the Atlantic.

Yeah, that's not my past camping experience at all. It's a big outdoor adventure. We're up for it. Think of how different my kids perspective on outdoor trips will be!

About the author

Author is a husband, parent, friend and business owner. Our next family trip it to go on a longer Super Jeep Tour in Iceland! Super Jeeps and actually Land Rover Defenders, Nissan Patrol's and a few others.
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Camping vs. Outdoor Adventure by:Dan Sullivan