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Both Novice Veteran Automotive Beauty Care For The Whole Cheats

Both Novice Veteran Automotive Beauty Care For The Whole Cheats

The so-called vehicle maintenance is to maintain and restore performance of automotive technology to ensure the car has good usability and reliability

. It contains a lot of knowledge, timely and correct maintenance will extend the service life of vehicles, safety performance improvement, saving money and also remove many of repairing a car trouble. However, nowadays the "Amendment on behalf of the insurance" idea in the driver ranks still exist, due to lack of security or maintenance of traffic accidents caused by improper happened quite frequently. Therefore, the timely and correct maintenance of vehicles is to extend the service life of vehicles, to ensure Road safety An important part.

We usually say car maintenance, primarily from the vehicle in good technical condition, to extend the life of the vehicle aspects of the work. In fact, the contents of a broader, including Auto Beauty Care of such knowledge, sum it up, mainly in the following three aspects:

1, body maintenance Also used to refer to body maintenance car beauty. The main purpose is to clear the cars and trucks body a variety of in vitro oxidation and corrosion, and to protect, as highlighted car "U.S.." It includes: paint maintenance, carpet cushion and maintenance, Bumper , Skirts and maintenance, instrument maintenance units, maintenance plating, leather, plastic and maintenance, tires, wheel warranty, windshield maintenance, chassis maintenance, engine maintenance appearance.

Second, car maintenance Body maintenance to make the car forever young, car maintenance objective is to let a few cars driving 100,000 km without major repairs, ensure the vehicle in the best technical condition. It includes: oil system, fuel system, cooling system, brake system, carburetor ( Nozzle ) Of maintenance.

Third, body renovation Such as deep scratches on the diagnosis, treatment, multi-material bumper repair, wheel hub (cover) of the Mishap repair, leather, chemical fiber materials, renovation, refurbishment and so the color of the engine. Regular maintenance and vehicle maintenance is divided into two major categories of non-regular maintenance, regular maintenance are: routine maintenance, a maintenance, two maintenance; non-regular maintenance include: running of maintenance and seasonal maintenance. Nothing more than the main work, vehicle maintenance and cleaning, inspection, adapter, adjustment and lubrication and so on. But with the development of science and technology and automobile industry, computer-based advanced technology widely used in automotive, make the next car gradually become intelligent, and therefore the content of vehicle maintenance was given a new meaning.

Vehicle maintenance is a relatively high technical complexity of work, I find it difficult to complete the driver alone, companies need to carry out repairs to the steam. Now there are some in our country Vehicle Maintenance Maintenance companies stick to the traditional concept of link, outdated maintenance equipment and tools, maintenance or the same old methods and means, with the demand of modern development. In addition, the quality of service to individual repair business worrying for profiteering "black box", the old filling and maintenance of new, good to bad charge, maintenance fees, fees for documents on wild speculations. Therefore, maintenance of vehicles to remind drivers to be sure to choose strong technical force, quality of service and reliable, reputable repair business, and not too troublesome, plans to save money rather than maintenance vehicles, so as not to lose the greater.

How to vehicle maintenance In the hot summer months, due to high temperature, rainfall and more, dusty and radiation heat and strong reasons, so the engine cars, especially the state of technology change. In order to meet the needs of car running in the summer prior to the arrival, in combination with two maintenance vehicles for the whole season of some of the necessary checks and adjustments:

1, to enhance the use and maintenance of cooling system:

A, pay attention to check the cooling system of the sealed case, the tightness of the fan belt, thermostat and cooling water temperature sensitivity of the situation and so on, and pay attention to adequate cooling water.

B, clear the cooling system including radiator, water kit adhesion of scale. Poor thermal conductivity because of scale, will seriously affect the heat.

Both Novice Veteran Automotive Beauty Care For The Whole Cheats

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