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Body-contouring: Make Sure You Don't Lose Your Figure

Body-contouring: Make Sure You Don't Lose Your Figure

There are many different body contouring procedures that can help you achieve your dream physique

. And while all of these cosmetic surgeries are effective, you still have to take care of your body to ensure the results remain permanent.

Undergoing a body contouring procedure such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, or a thigh lift is not a free pass to chow down on French fries and skip the gym. Body contouring can put you on the fast track to a killer body, but it's up to you to maintain it.

The most important thing to remember when maintaining your pre-surgery figure is to follow all of your surgeon's instructions. This is especially important during the recovery period. If your surgeon tells you to wear a compression garment for a certain amount of time-do it.

If he tells you to avoid certain types of food or take a certain medication-do it. You should also take ample time off from normal activities. Although you may feel comfortable enough to go back to work after a week or two, your body is still healing and you might aggravate the wound or cause damage to the sensitive tissue. You need to allow your body to heal properly during this crucial time.Body-contouring: Make Sure You Don't Lose Your Figure

Once you're surgeon has given you the okay to return to your normal activities, you'll want to get back onto a regular exercise regime. At first you'll need to take it slow, as you may still be tender and sore. If you've never exercised regularly before, you may want to have a few sessions with a personal trainer to ensure you are using any gym equipment properly and to give you some tips. As your body becomes stronger you can move on to more rigorous training if you choose, but a few times a week is all that will be needed to ensure your cosmetic procedure was not performed in vain.

Diet is another extremely important part of post-body contouring maintenance. Many people believe that since procedures such as liposuction are fairly permanent, (fat generally is resistant to returning to the treated area), that they can now freely gulp down junk food. That fat will simply find a new place to go in your body and you will be in the same position as before you underwent body contouring. Your body is just as susceptible to weight gain as always, so it is important to keep slim and eat a balanced diet.

This can change your figure forever, but only if you're committed to a healthy lifestyle. No cosmetic procedure is a miracle cure. Ageing can also exacerbate loose skin and the collection of fat, so the sooner you begin taking care of your figure the easier it will be to maintain as you grow older. Be sure to consult with your plastic surgeon and general practitioner before undergoing any new exercise routine or diet.

by: Abigail Aaronson
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Body-contouring: Make Sure You Don't Lose Your Figure Washington