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Ban Ryanairs Magazine by:Ellen Dudley

Ban Ryanairs Magazine by:Ellen Dudley

Ryanair's magazine should be banned. I usually resist taking one because I know that the main aim of the magazine is to advertise holiday destinations which happen to lie conveniently on ryanairs current flying routes, but this time I had nothing else to read, and had spent 3 hours sitting on trains and buses and waiting in queues, so I was in the mood to be distracted from my monotonous thoughts.

Since then, I can't get the idea of travelling around Europe out of my mind! Talk of caves deep in Slovenia, snow bombing in Austria, chocolate tasting in Turin, the northern lights... the devious devils who write for the magazine are taunting me!

Unfortunately, I was on my way home from a short trip rather than on my way to anywhere when I read about these wonderful locations, and as I am deeply rooted in the Irish working life, the holidays doled out to me will never be sufficient to ensure I visit all of them... especially not in the next 4 months! By the time the air hostesses were selling those dreadful scratch cards, I had planned my whole trip, by car, around Europe, meeting all those destinations mentioned, along with some I came up with all by my lonesome, creating a superb travel plan with the help of the map in the middle of the trusted magazine.

24 hours later and I had the mental means to get me there: meetforeal goes on tour, tour bus excluded, and my dying fiat punto in its place. For what is life if we can't dream big.

However, life being based in the real world, for now, I have arty movies and exciting talks from meetforeal to keep me happy here on Irish soil, until those holidays are saved up once more and the dream can begin again...

About the author

Ellen Dudley

Writer and Co-Founder of Meetforeal, designing unique events where people can learn, share and have interesting conversations with like-minded people in real life and online.


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