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Average Funeral Costs in 2010 - Determine If You Need Life Insurance

Average Funeral Costs in 2010 - Determine If You Need Life Insurance

Life insurance is a preplan of your family after your death

. Similarly burial Insurance makes you pre plan about your final ceremony after your death. Funeral and burial Insurance is for making your funeral in a good way. The coverage for this insurance includes casket, burial plot, flowers and transport charges in the funeral. Burial insurance is a new insurance policy that helps in providing amount in doing the funeral. In middle class families suddenly if the death happens they do not have the money to perform funerals. Here you can go for funeral insurance. It is similar to other insurances. There are various schemes and you can pick the one by choosing the plan that is affordable to you.

Why we need funeral insurance?

Funeral expense in 2010 has risen up to 48% in countries like U.K, U.S.A and Australia and average traditional funeral expenses roar to 2,362 USD. Funeral and burial insurance takes care of your funeral ceremony with all expenses. Funeral and burial insurance helps to provide the burial service from the coffins till the flower ends. Peoples are preplanning their life in an advanced way. In the modern world, each things costs higher. Also, your last ceremony charges are also on the hike. If the head of the family died and if there are no relatives adopting that family, then the family feels difficult to do the ceremony. At that time they do not have the money at their hands.

Insurance coverage range up to $25000 and includes the expenses as follows:

Cemetery plot



Funeral Service




The Insurance amount also differs with one person to another person since they follow different methods for their ceremony. If the amount is high enough to do the funeral then the family can use the amount for their personnel expenses. There is no restriction that they should use the amount only for the funeral. The coverage also differs with each other.

The things that are to be purchased for funeral are the cost for casket, cremation, burial vault, grave marker, flowers, digging and filling the grave, the plot. There is a funeral plan offered by Cooperative Insurance, which helps the family free from worries. Funeral Insurances deliver your last wishes to your loved ones.

Types of Funeral Insurance:

Life insurance with family as receiver Many people who already have traditional life insurance just purchase enough to include funeral expenses. But, if you do not have life insurance, then you can purchase life insurance with funeral expenses coverage. You can include a family member as your recipient.

Life insurance with funeral director as receiver You can also make funeral director as your recipient of the policy so that you can pay entire funeral expenses using your life insurance policy and the death benefit goes exclusively to the funeral home not to your family.

Planned contract with funeral home A planned contract often covers the burial plot, grave marker, casket or urn, embalming or cremation, flowers and funeral cars. In this policy receiver has the full authority for the entire funeral expense and he or she can make a decision on funeral expenses.

Average Funeral Costs in 2010 - Determine If You Need Life Insurance

By: Allan Parker
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Average Funeral Costs in 2010 - Determine If You Need Life Insurance Islamabad