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What Is The Town Of Mettmann Famous For?

What Is The Town Of Mettmann Famous For?

Mettmann is a remote city set in the triangle made by three German cities: Cologne

, Wuppertal and Dusseldorf. It is renowned for a single, very important argument: its the place which has the Neanderthal Museum!

The Neanderthal Museum is quite well-known between anthropologists. Here, in Mettmann, is the place where the history of man has started: in 1856 mine workers discovered in a cavern the fosilised remains of a man that obviously was living long before our times. The renowned Professor Johannes Fuhlrott labeled this as the remnants of a prehistoric individual the Neanderthal Man appeared.International men of science begun to figure out revolutionary ideas regarding the development of human kind. It is now clear the Homo Sapiens Neandertalensis have lived from around 200,000 to 40,000 before Christ.

At the start of the third millennium there appeared even more startling findings made in anthropology: an archaeological group led by Dr. Schmitz and Dr. Thissen determined, after a thorough search, the authentic location of our ancestors, and uncovered pieces of the zygomatic bone that fit precisely the famous skull....They contributed with another piece into the puzzle. Prof. Weniger, director of the Neanderthal Museum, hopes to admire other spectacular fossils in the near future.

In addition to old bones, 2009s digs uncovered roughly 5000 6000 stone tools and manufacturing residue from the era of the Neanderthals, and also traces of early modern Cro-Magnon human. Burnt animal bones are evidence of the usage of fire.What Is The Town Of Mettmann Famous For?

The second man, whose traces were discovered in 1997, is more complete. It was easily placed in time: 44,000 years BC, so we could say hes quite old. The question arose: Was he or the Neanderthals, human like us? That would have been quite a colossal finding, as it would have been the oldest uncovering of the bones of a modern man.

The new Neanderthal Museum, which started receiving visitors on Oct 10, 1996, begins to tell the tale of the development of man from the Neanderthals. Having the status of an international archeological center it is also the junction place of scholars from around the world.

To show the unique connection of the town with its world-renowned dig-site, the museum was built with an important civic engagement as a living, "talking" connection to evolution. The museum presents the concept and history of mankind in various aspects and forms of representation as an "open event".

Yet, they have more Neanderthal themes in the city of Mettmann. For example, the Neanderthal Hall's educational and social center, the Mettmann districts radio station is entitled "Radio Neanderthal", and a newly-built commercial center in the heart of the town was given the name of the Neanderthal Passage.

The museum is absolutely worth visiting, its spectacular. Annually, a lot of visitors (particularly groups of students) visit Mettmann and discover new things about their own evolution. You should come too, if you are interested in such things.

by: Cata Kostea
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What Is The Town Of Mettmann Famous For?