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GBG Pays Big by:Greg Shaffer

GBG Pays Big by:Greg Shaffer

Who is GBG ? Are you looking for information about the GBG home business opportunity

,and curious about the company? and whether or not it is real or a scam? This article will give you some helpful information about the company, its products, and then you can see for yourself, it is a legitimate opportunity.

The GBG Company :

GBG (Guided By God) is a 13 year old Health Sciences company based in Northern California that started out as a phone company , then someone said " What good is wealth without your health?" So they introduced a nutritional product and had great success. GBG has been exclusively distributing high quality nutritional products for the past 7 years. It is a small, privately owned company whose focus is on offering superb formulations at unbeatable, wholesale prices. By providing consumers what their body really needs daily, they provide high quality products at affordable prices. Products that can keep you healthy,and save you money from poor health and medical expenses.

The Products :

The company leads with one great product, The Exclusive GBG 10-IN-ONE Liquid Multivitamin and Mineral Formula. This natural formulation is chocked full of vitamins,and 74 minerals, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, cellular and organ support nutrients, and so much more. The company has literally formulated ten Super Food nutrients into one bottle, With outstanding ingredients , such as : Amalaki , CoQ10 , L-Theanine , Schisandra seed , Eleutherococcus , L- Carnitine , Acai fruit , Goji berrie , Mangosteen , Pomegranate , and Rhodiola. , The "body-ready" formula is in a delicious liquid delivery system allowing your body to get up to 10 times the product and absorption for a tenth of the price. Nothing has more assimilation, than liquid nutrition.

GBG has also made available additional nutritional products for their distributors to market. MA+ is a Whey Protein Isolate , This protein is on a higher scale of quality than store bought body builder protein , and has a Glutathione Enchancer super antioxidant. "WMP" or Weight Management Program is a product that raises energy and alertness while decreasing appetite and cravings. There are so many people that are looking for a weight loss product that increases their metabolism and helps them to lose weight, without feeling hungry, therefore The GBG WMP was developed.

The Comp Plan :

The companies excellent pay-plan is a 2 x 20 forced matrix system with a Monthly Regenerating Pay out. FREE Conference Call Training, FREE Support, FREE Informational website.

To qualify for 20 levels of pay, simply personally sign-up 2 customers with at least one GBG Product on monthly auto-ship and qualify for ALL 20 LEVELS OF PAY! Receive The GBG 10-in-One Liquid Multivitamin and Mineral Formula sells for $19.95 for a 32 oz. bottle, sent to you every month on auto-ship. $10, of almost 50%, of every $19.95 sale is paid out to the distributor.

In conclusion, GBG is not a scam, far from it, Stuart Finger (founder) produced this company because he wanted to see the little man succeed. It is a legitimate network marketing company and home business opportunity. The price point of the products are affordable for everyone, products that you should be taking on a daily basis anyway. For this reason, the company will continue to grow and make a name for itself in the MLM industry.

About the author

Greg Shaffer is a six figure earner and one of the top income earners in the home business industry.Greg, devotes the time, energy, and effort into his team and works with them to ensure their success.To learn more about Liquid Vitamins, visit Greg's GBG website.
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GBG Pays Big by:Greg Shaffer