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Festivals of Dwarka by:David H. Urmann

Festivals of Dwarka by:David H. Urmann

Dwarka is a sacred place that celebrates a lot of festivals

. There are many important festivals in Dwarka. See them here.

Dwarka is one sacred town included in the four holy pilgrimages of the Hindus (also known as Char Dham) in India. This town is located at the Gujarat Peninsula's western most tips. This is a very important for the devout in the coast of Saurashtra. According to the stories, this was believed top be founded by Lord Krishna. This was called as the Swarnadwarka or the Golden Dwarka.

Dwarka has a lot of festivals spread in a year. It is good for tourists to time their visits during these festive occasions to get a chance to immerse in the locals' tightly held traditions.

Kartik is done on the first day, second day and fifth day of the month. In Hindu, the first day of the month is New Year. Deity is decorated everywhere. In this day, Annakut utsav is performed. It is a celebration where sweets and other food are used as decorations to symbolize their dedication to the Lord. BHAI-BIJ is celebrated on the second day. The fifth day is the LABH PANCHAMI. Meanwhile, the TULSI VIVAH is done as a marriage festival from the 11th day to the 15th day of the month, reminiscent of the marriage of their Lord VISHNU to TULSI.Festivals of Dwarka by:David H. Urmann

Magsar is the second festival held after the Kartik. The entire month celebrates the "Dhanur Mas." This indicates the belief of Hindu that the Sun travels around the Sagittarius as told in the Hindu Astrology.

Posh happens every 14th of January. It is the season when the sun changes its position from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Makr Sankranti is celebrated in this day.

Maha is celebrated in the temple. The Hindus called these as the festival of Vasant Panchmi. Darshan is also celebrated in here. This is done at the Jagat Mandir.

Phagun celebrated together with the festival of Holi and Dhuleti. These three are colorful festivals where the locals express their happiness and joy in a grand manner.

Chitra is celebrated as Rama Navmi. This commemorates the birth of the Lord Shri Ram. There is a special Aarti performed in this festival.

Vaishakh is a festival where the onwards will be in flower dress. This is also identified as the AKSHAY-TRUTIYA.

Jayestha (Jeth) this is the end of flower dress. Deity is being prepared for this end. This is considered the Bhima Akadashi. Ashadh is also known as the Ratha Ythra day. There are Lord's small symbols placed in a chariot to mark the start of the celebration.

Shravan is the Janmashtami. This is the birthday of the said to be founder, Lord Krishna. This creates a celebration with great splendor in Dwarka. In this festival, the infants Krishna idol is being placed on the cradle but before that, it is being bathe by midnight. There were rows of lights are being lit everywhere in Dwarka. These rows of light are then delivered and the infant form of Krishna is being worship. There are thousands of people that worship and celebrate with the people of Dwarka in their pilgrimage sites during this time.

Bhadra Pada is the Vaman Jayanti. The central figure of this celebration is the special Darshan.

Aashwin (Asho) is a celebration of Dushera which is a victory day. This gives a tremendous importance in one of the temple of Dwarka. This temple is the Dwarkadhish Temple.Festivals of Dwarka by:David H. Urmann

The festivals mentioned here are just the important festivals of Dwarka. There are minor festivals celebrated, but the ones mentioned here are to be celebrated by everyone living in Dwarka.

Dwarka is also beautiful at Christmas time. Many vacationers book early to spend the yuletide season in this wonderful city.

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