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Control Your Teens: Learn How to Deal with Teenage Anger

Control Your Teens: Learn How to Deal with Teenage Anger

One day, you received a call from school. It turned out your teenage son had just beaten up somebody else again. This time you're definitely worried. This would be the third time for the past 3 weeks, and you definitely believed something should be terribly wrong with your kid.

There's a huge chance your son is suffering from teenage anger, and this is becoming more common for the past few years. Every day thousands of kids end up bullying others, putting some of their friends in too much peer pressure, cursing and yelling at parents, leaving their homes, or even getting into substance abuse and crime.

As a parent, you certainly hope there are ways on how to deal with it and help your teen before it gets too late. Guess what, there are.

Observe the patterns.

Teenage anger is often defined as an uncontrollable or excessive raging emotion. It's an outburst that often results to physical, emotional, or mental harm to the teen as well as to the other person.

This type of anger happens a lot of times and sometimes for no reason at all.

Nevertheless, parents should not easily conclude a confrontation or argument as a sign of teenage anger. It could be your teen is pissed off or annoyed at something. This feeling doesn't last for a very long time.

Hence, pay attention how your teen acts for a couple of weeks.

Talk things over.

One of the first tips for anger management for teenagers is to talk to them. Get to the real reason of their anger. Some teens are actually acting violently just to get your attention. Perhaps you've been busy with other responsibilities or you thought they're old enough to be on their own.

A number of teens are receptive to talking, especially if you can find the right time and place to do it. It's definitely worth pursuing.

Stage an intervention.

On the other hand, there are times when teens don't really want to listen to you. They believe there's nothing wrong with what they're doing. If this is the case, the next step is to request for a teenage anger management intervention.

How this is accomplished depends on the facilitator, but it's possible the teen will be asked to stay in a facility for days, weeks, or months. It may get much longer if your teen is already involved in substance abuse. Drugs and alcohol can impair brain chemistry. Your son or daughter needs to be detoxified.

Create a loving, peaceful environment.

Make your home pleasant for everyone, especially for your teen. Reduce tension. Surround the home with plenty of love.

Consider using subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages or affirmations are good for both teens and parents. Their anger may be fuelled by negative emotions building up inside them. The affirmations can help transform these negative thoughts into positive ones.

Parents, meanwhile, need to learn how to effectively cope with teen anger. The affirmations will provide the motivation.

Subliminal messages become even more effective when combined with other strategies for anger management for teens, such as cognitive behavioural therapy.

Never think of your teen as a lost cause. Once you give up, then it will also be the end for your son or daughter. Instead, take the first bold steps now.
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