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Change Your Values and Change Your Life

Change Your Values and Change Your Life

These are strange times we are living in. The United States is involved in multiple wars, is in the midst of an financial meltdown, the housing market in some parts of the country has collapsed, we have diseases resurging that we thought were wiped out, we have new diseases that are resistant to antibiotics, and lastly we have grown more selfish and self centered which feeds the aforementioned. Much of the world is affected by these events also.

Let's stop for a moment and ponder one of these events the financial situation we in the United States are in.

Much of the discussion of the bailout has concerned the large banks and investment houses. While these institutions for one reason or another do need government financial intervention, very little is being said about the small-medium businesses in our country. We are not showing our appreciation of thevalue the connection between the growth of the country to small businesses in the US. Remember the small businesses in this country employ the majority of the workers and are the engine of growth. If we don't buy from them and in general support their continued creation and existence we will suffer.

For example the small business in your neighborhood such as the hardware store, convenience store, food service, etc. need support and many provide some type of employment to the neighborhood. Have you ever noticed how much more vibrant a commercial street makes a neighborhood rather than one with boarded up storefronts or for rent signs?

You may hear some of the "talking heads" on TV say the economy isn't doing well because consumers aren't buying. On the surface this is true but the fact is if the consumers drive themselves into so much debt consuming that they are heading to bankruptcy or foreclosure then this isn't a strategy that will create a bright future. Over- consumption doesn't fuel long-term growth. Instead undisciplined consumption via debt leads to a train wreck such as the one you are in now. We as a nation need to return to thevalues of frugality and savings as a way of life. Excessive debt will destroy us. No it is destroying us. Interest consumes the lion share of the average income.

Instead of driving yourself continually into debt, save 10% of your income, or as close to it as possible, and you will create stability in yours and your family's life. By the way living frugally andvaluing your wealth creates a better life not a lesser one.

Therefore be pro-business not anti-business. A small business owner is important part of your community and could be a potential employer. For example the closest commercial strips near me is only a block a way and within several blocks of me are two large pharmacies, convenience stores, 3 supermarket/grocery stores, as well as other small stores. The neighborhood is more vibrant, alive, and safer because of their presence.

Don't look to be a borrower but a lender. If you are heavily in debt you are a slave to the lender.Value yourdebt freedom and maintain it. Immediately start to pay downconsumer debt as quickly as possible by establishing a plan of attack.

Proverbs 7

"the rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender."

Stop making comfort as your primary goal over the greater goal stability. Sacrifice for better things.Value sacrifice. No, these aren't the ravings of a crazy man. Seeking only comfort leads to discomfort. Seeking only pleasure leads to discomfort and imbalance. Think of it this way do you really need to buy yet another item to decorate your home? Do you really need a new car every two years? Do you really need another pair of shoes? Do you really need another piece of jewelry? Do you really need another TV?

Maybe you might be better donating a bit to your religious institution or favorite charity. Perhaps spending some time helping out at an orphanage or assisting the sick and elderly. I think you see the point. Sacrifice a little of yourself to make everything around you a lot better.

Value work over entertainment II Tim 2:15 "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth."

Turn off the TV and stop watching trash. Do you really need to watch a celebrity in a rehabilitation clinic? Is watching a group of strangers trying to get a date more interesting than going on one? Is watching someone struggling with their weight and health better than taking action on your own?

Value work over entertainment by working 6 days instead of 5 and really rest. Don't run around shopping and searching out entertainment. I like to use my Sunday or day off to pursue my spiritual development and recharge my batteries in nature.

We must value generosity over wealth. Helping others the right way actually creates wealth.

The bible endorses hard work as a road to success and when this happens we can be generous to those who are less fortunate. Becoming self indulgent will actually create harm in your life.

Blessings for Obedience

Deut 28 1-12 is a passage I refer to often as it deals specifically with the blessings God will bestow on us for obedience in following direction or said another way realvalue in our lives.

THJ & Associates, LLC 2008

Change Your Values and Change Your Life

By: Theodore Henderson
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