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Car Theft Can be Risky for Travelers : Part 2 by:Suresh Nair

Car Theft Can be Risky for Travelers : Part 2 by:Suresh Nair

Traveling to different places gives you great enjoyment

. You probably should take two credit cards in case one is lost or compromised. You can obtain smaller, limited amount prepaid cash cards from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express that are perfect for daily use. You can get these cash cards in any denomination. It is probably best to get a couple of cards with low limits of five hundred dollars or less each. If they are lost or stolen, the credit card companies will replace any pilfered funds.

Leave your major cards and passport in your hotel room safe or the hotel is safe along with any other personal information that you do not need from day to day. Make sure to carry a copy of your main document and a safe copy in your wallet. If you are leaving any other place make sure to carry all important documents along with you.

Before you travel, be sure to check that your credit cards do not expire while you are on vacation, and be sure to call your credit card issuers and let them know when and where you plan to holiday so they do not cancel your card when they see a credit charge appearing from someplace like Timbuktu. Make a note of these phone numbers and take them with you on vacation. Traveling at night can be more dangerous, so it advisable to avoid night traveling.

Another major source of identity theft starts with a stolen laptop. Over six hundred thousand laptops are pilfered in the U.S. alone, frequently from inattentive travelers in airports, restaurants, and hotel lobbies.Car Theft Can be Risky for Travelers : Part 2 by:Suresh Nair

Before you travel, backup your laptop and put the backup disc in a safe place at home or in a safety deposit box at your bank just in case your laptop is lost or stolen. Put a small strip of colored tape on the top and bottom of your laptop and laptop case, as most laptops and their cases look similar in appearance.

Write your name, destination address, and contact information at your destination on a piece of paper and tape it to your laptop just in case it is lost at the airport. You should not use your home address on this piece of paper. It is better to use your work or business address and phone number. There are so many laptops left behind unintentionally. The lost and found office at airports do not have time to try to gain access to all the laptops, which are more than likely password-protected anyway.Car Theft Can be Risky for Travelers : Part 2 by:Suresh Nair

The third major source of identity theft can happen at any public computer or Internet cafe. Your personal information could be at risk even if you are just accessing or sending e-mails. A keystroke logger could be installed that secretly keeps a record of all user names, passwords and personal information entered on the computer.

Even if public computers are not compromised, they still store the information you input in the temporary Internet files and history. Never access any bank or credit card account, or pay bills from these computers. In general, computers located in the business centers of hotels and on cruise ships are safer to use than other public computers.

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