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7 Tips For You & Your Autistic Child

7 Tips For You & Your Autistic Child

7 Tips For You & Your Autistic Child

Autistic children can be a challenge to deal with, but it is important to realize that the child may find life challenging too. Even if this is the case, an autistic child should not be pacified on his or her way through life, instead a parent should parent their child in the way they knew how with the careful consideration and moderation to adapt to your autistic child's needs.

Yes, dealing with an autistic child can be different than dealing with an average 4-year-old but it is important to remember that that's just it. It's different. Not weird, not strange, not frustrating. Just different. If you approach the hard task with a sunny disposition, it will not feel so challenging. Treat your autistic child just like you would any other 4-year-old. They cannot be held their entire lives.

1. Get to know who your child is. Realize what sets him or her off, what frustrates them to the point that they have to throw a temper tantrum, the things they enjoy doing, the things that make them laugh. Autistic children do not do bad things on purpose. They respond to the world and to people a little bit differently than others. Get to know what those points are and remember them so that whenever a situation arises, you are prepared for it and ready to right whatever is wrong.7 Tips For You & Your Autistic Child

2. What you expect from a child who is not autistic is going to differ greatly from a child who is autistic. That should be realized and remembered. While Billy and Sam can be expected to clean their rooms when they're told within less than an hour, it should be realized that as an autistic child it may be harder to focus on the task at hand for a lengthy amount of time, non-stop, within an expected amount of time. While they should still have the same responsibility of cleaning their room, make the goal smaller in the beginning, like making their bed and then move onto the bigger picture.

3. Safety is extremely important because autistic children are adventurous and spontaneous in their movements. Little things can interest them and they must pursue it. Extra safety precautions should be taken to avoid potential harm to your child and your home.

4. As stated in number one, you should get to know your child. This can directly relate to the removal of sensory input. Certain things can annoy autistic children, set them off, and send them into tantrums. The light may be too bright; the TV too loud, the sound of ambulance sirens may scare them. If the object cannot be removed or avoided, it is best to figure out ways to stop the situation while it's happening. Carry shades with you or ear plugs in case brightness or loud sounds upset them.

5. Number one may also help with number five. You can discover creative ways to incorporate things your child likes into ways that will follow tip number three. If your child is a climber on inappropriate things, note this and take him or her rock climbing on a wall. Or crashing into a couch could be greatly accepted on a moon bounce. Although this tip could not work in all circumstances, thinking about it and incorporating it later can be very fun for your child.

6. Cheering on your child's successes is important. Encouragement is important. Whenever your child does something right, they should be given some sort of praise. That praise will become familiar and something the child may try to be met with everyday.

7. Be consistent. With everything that you do you will need to be consistent. Especially in terms of discipline. If you decide to pop your child on the hand when he does something wrong and put him in time out when he does something worse, make sure to do it every time. In cases, especially where there are siblings involved, that consistency is definitely important because he or she can compare how you treat him or her to how you treat them.
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