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2010 London Tourist Tips On Getting The Best Rates, Picking, Including Making Arrangements For Accom

2010 London Tourist Tips On Getting The Best Rates, Picking, Including Making Arrangements For Accom

Why You Should Book London Hotels with Car Rentals

Choosing a London hotel that offers deals for car rentals if you choose to book your stay with them is a great way to save during your trip. Booking a hotel that also offers car rental packages is a great way to save on cab fare as well as time, as you already have your own private vehicle to take with you wherever you go in London. Having your own rented car also protects you from pick pockets and other mischievous individuals who take advantage of unknowing tourists in public transports and in crowded areas. A rented car also saves you from the trouble of not being able to find a ride during rush hour since you already have one waiting for you at your disposal. Plus, you can take as much time as you want and tour as much as you can if you have your car rental with you. Truly, booking a London hotel with a car rental bundle is the way to go and save a lot during your trip.

Stay at the St. Jamess Hotel and Club in London

The St. Jamess Hotel and Club in London is well known for its unparalleled customer satisfaction, primarily because of the fact that the hotel has been around for a long time. Theaters, shopping districts, and major tourist destinations are all easily accessible from the St. Jamess Hotel and Club. With Executive Chef William Drabble, the St. Jamess Hotel provides a wide array of dishes to choose from an array wherein everyone is bound to find something to their liking. Those who are looking to relax after a busy day in London or those who are there to enjoy themselves and their vacation will definitely be pleased with the level of customer service they will be receiving from this hotel. The hotel also offers six private rooms which can be rented and used depending on the visitors needs, and one of these rooms even has a big pool which is great for parties or launches. With so many great amenities to boast of, it is not a surprise why the St. Jamess Hotel remains one of the most popular hotels in London. 2010 London Tourist Tips On Getting The Best Rates, Picking, Including Making Arrangements For Accom

Luxury 4 Star London Hotels2010 London Tourist Tips On Getting The Best Rates, Picking, Including Making Arrangements For Accom

There are plenty of London hotels travelers can choose from, ranging from the luxury, expensive ones down to the budget-friendly ones. The Ambassadors Hotel in Bloomsberry is a 4 star hotel that offers easy access to both the tourist destinations in London as well as business locations. Another 4 star hotel to stay in is the Apex City of London hotel; travelers who are looking for a hotel with conference and events facilities need not look further. If you intend to visit St. Pauls Cathedral or the Canary Wharf, stay at the Britannia International hotel to have easy access to these tourist destinations. You should definitely add to your list of hotels to consider the Chiswick Moran Hotel as it very near an airport and Central London, and has been highly reviewed by other travelers who have stayed there before. Choosing hotels in London that are accessible to locations you need to go to help you save both time and money.

Great London Hotels for Couples

As with any other traveler, couples who are traveling together have special needs that differ from others. Most couples travel together to take a break from the routine of their daily lives, others travel to celebrate an anniversary, but everything sums up to you and your partner having a romantic time together. The Connaught Hotel should be one of the hotels you should check out as it offers a uniquely romantic ambiance with plenty of amenities that will allow couples such as yourself to spend time together and have fun. The Claridges Hotel is another great hotel to stay in as couples can have a romantic time and enjoy activities like horseback riding among many others. For couples who aim to relax as much as possible, the Berkeley Hotel has an indoor pool, sauna, and other great facilities couples can utilize for utmost relaxation. To make the best use of your time, you and your partner can plan your activities around the available amenities to make the most out of your stay.

by: Hazel Crounse
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2010 London Tourist Tips On Getting The Best Rates, Picking, Including Making Arrangements For Accom