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10 Recipes To Your Success Online by:Rachel Black

10 Recipes To Your Success Online by:Rachel Black

Everything does not have a website, it is necessary that the products offered above are part of an overall strategy and are marketed by the media

. Here are ten points for your success online:

1 - Develop a unique position for your product.

What is unique to your product or service? Is it better than competing products or just the same? If it is identical in terms of features for what reason a prospect to buy your product rather than products already on the market? What you that distinguishes you from others? The successful sites are never copies of other sites, but offer a unique perspective or new and target a niche market.

2 - Find a market before developing a product.

Those who choose a product and then go in search of customers take the most difficult. Find a market filled with people who are willing to buy and respond to their needs. Take care that the market is growing or large enough to generate revenue in the long term. If you find that the market is too small, change into before going any further.

3 - Do not create a market.

Find an existing market. If you can not describe your prospects in a few lines, you will suffer when you try to sell your products online. Make a market survey to know who you are addressing. Who are your prospects? Your target she needs your product? Your prospects do they expect your product? Are they in search of its uniqueness? Do not attempt to create the desire in people who are not part of your target. It will be easier to sell a steak knife to a hunter than an angler vegetarian.

4 - Multiply your sources of income.

In most cases, more than 50% of profits from your website or could come from multiple sales. It is easier to sell a second product to an existing customer than to win a new prospect. Sell the services and benefits associated with your products such as the installation or support. If you offer products, try to sell at the same time consumables. If you do not offer more than one product or service you put aside the majority of your income.

5 - Include everything you do in your strategy.

All your activities, free or not, and any advertising that you should focus on the same prospects and lead to the same purchase decision. Do not try to generate millions of hits on your site. Ten prospects ready to buy your products or services worth more than ten million tourists that visit does your site. Measure your success in terms of cash and not in terms of attendance.

6 - Choose a market that you are passionate about.

Do not choose a market just for the money. Find a niche you like and talk like you. If you take a niche that you are passionate about, it will be much easier for you to hang there until your sales take off. It is becoming much easier for you to sell a technology or service that you are familiar. Do not try to sell a product that you just do not know, you lose all credibility.

7 - Look for easy opportunities.

Do not run headlong into a project that costs ten million francs and two years of planning, and especially if you begin. Find projects that last a few weeks and make sure you have something to sell from the beginning. It is sufficiently complex to start, so be sure to put all chances on your side. The press is filled with stories of companies forget this simple concept.

8 - Make sure you have priced your product strategy.

If you currently sell cheap products (less than a few hundred francs), which are not consumables, you must find other products more expensive to sell at the same time to your customers. It is easier to sell a service costing USD 5000 to a single customer that a product of FF 50 to 100 clients. Generally, these expensive products you can offer at the same time benefits: it was mostly someone to configure a router last generation as to install an ink cartridge in a printer.

9 - Do not lower prices if you can not sell.

In some cases it is possible that your price is too high, however in most cases, it is because you do not sufficiently value the benefits that the customer withdraw. Add gifts, focus on your unique position, etc.. In other words, add value to the current offer. When you lower the price, you simultaneously decrease the value perceived by your prospects. If you are offered a new car for less than 1000 USD, you will not buy because you think the real value to much. If instead you made an offer for a cabriolet 500 000 FF, you will automatically be associated with a high-end car. The race to the bottom price is rarely a solution for the future, when you lower the price, you also reduce your margins and therefore your income.

10 - The goal of advertising should be to sell.

Unless it is a large multinational, you can not afford to spend millions to create your image on the Internet. Make your investment and therefore make sure that for every franc you spent on advertising generates at least a great recipe in the form of sale. Focus on simple campaigns whose results are easily quantifiable.

About the author

Rachel Black is an Internet Marketing Specialist from UK. She is writing articles on Internet Marketing Services, Link Building Services, SEO and Pay Per Click Services related topics.
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