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Growth Hormone Deficiency In Children

Growth Hormone Deficiency In Children

One of the most vital hormones to live a healthy contented life is the HGH

. HGH is an acronym for Human Growth Hormone, sometimes referred to only the Growth Hormone. This growth hormone is a very crucial element of one"s body, as it does not only results in height growth, but also affects some other aspects seriously. This is the reason why if the Human Growth Hormone deficiency is seen in one"s body; it is not only his height that is affected because of HGH lacking. There are a number of other stern issues that one may come across while being in the shortage of the Growth hormone. The HGH deficit may give rise to serious setbacks such as cardio potency issues, immune system performance, bone concentration issues and lungs aptitude problems etc. All in the entire human body suffers a very serious dilemma that may result due to growth hormone deficiency. This is why it has been strongly emphasized that Growth Hormone deficiency in a person must be recognized as soon as possible so that the person must be treated to fight against this deficiency. The earlier this problem is identified and sooner it is treated, the greater damage is abided by the patient. Premature identification of Growth Hormone deficiency can help in abstaining everlasting inner injuries apart from the probable thrashing of everlasting shortness in height.

Growth Hormone Deficiency is nothing that cannot be treated. There are methods that can be adopted in order to overcome the HGH deficiency. We had a special interview session with Ms. Angelina Aniston; she is the Consultant for The ENIGMA Foundation for Growth Hormone Deficiency in Children Division. Angelina gave us brief highlights of a Medical synopsis of Growth Hormone Deficiency that was compiled by a well known endocrinologist. She also explanation what actually is the Growth Hormone Deficiency, what are its symptoms and how can it be treated. She elucidated that if a child fails to grow well in height, then one major cause for his/ her shortness can be the Growth Hormone deficiency. The Human Growth Hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland and plays a vital role in a children"s body development.

We asked Angelina to throw some light over the symptoms that are observed if a child is facing the Growth Hormone deficiency, to the answer of which she explained us that a child deficient in the growth hormone typically reflects growth in height that is approximately 1.5 inches per year or in some cases it happens to be two inches a year. She elaborated that it has also been seen that children grow normally up till the age of three years, and then stop growing regularly. It happens because the secretion of HGH was fine during the early growth but later on due to any possible reasons that can be protein deficiency or vitamin D lacking; the HGH secretion reduces than what it should have been up to. This factor varies the time period to which a child grows regularly and when starts to show signs of stagnancy in growth.

A mother is the first one who would notice that her child seems shorter of younger than the rest of his class mates. This is when she should know that her child is not growing at a regular pattern. It is not necessary that the child is shorter in height than his fellows; it is also possible that he might be less at weight than his peers, or slow at running speeds or responsiveness. All these signs indicate that your child is undersupplied in terms of Growth Hormone. Angelina added a great value to our knowledge by letting us know that majority of the children diagnosed of the Growth Hormone deficiency are the ones whose body weight is less than the average weight of their age group.

The testing for the Growth Hormone deficiency includes the child"s previous history of growth scale measurements, blood samples, a couple of x-rays and some other tests. With this data the child is also tested for the thyroid hormone deficiency which may be a reason for a child"s irregular growing behavior. If all other possibilities are proven false then the tests for the Growth Hormone Deficiency are performed.

Clonidine and L"dopa are two of the most significant agencies that play a vital role in the stimulation of the Growth Hormone. The growth hormone is produced all through the day and its secretion rate increases during the night. Therefore the patient under observation is tested for approximately ten to fifteen hours of HGH secretion. If the average secretion rate of the child is below the mark then the patient is referred to be treated with the Human Growth Hormone.

Every child who is injected with the Human Growth Hormone supplement may not react to it in the same manner. Some of the kids undergoing HGH treatment attain the very standard mature height usually o if not that they grow up to a mark that is quite sufficient for their height prospective. Depending from person to person, the HGH is inserted through injections that are taken on daily basis or through some weekly schedules. This totally depends on the potential of your body.

Angelina also added that it is quite imperative for the parents to realize how important is the early identification of the Growth Hormone Deficiency and timely therapy of HGH insertion. This brings out better result for your child. You must keep a record of all the developmental changes of your child and should maintain its history. If you feel that your child does not respond to things as he should have at his age, then start on with his therapy before the full development of his body and maturity of his bones.

The HGH is now available in the market in various capsulated medicines, under different brand names, having different levels of HGH content. The HeightGrowthPlus Grow Taller Pills can be taken as supplements to enhance the level of HGH secretion in your body. These height increase pills are promised to give a positive outcome within a couple of months, to a result of with a minimal change of one to two inches is observed.

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