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Syracuse Residents Should Sign Up For A Hybrid 4g Plan

Syracuse Residents Should Sign Up For A Hybrid 4g Plan

There are a variety of 4G internet plans available to potential wireless subscribers and for good reason

. Surprisingly to many though, the main point of contention isn't speed. The focus is actually on accessibility. Since that cellular network is still rolling out nationwide, there are going to be areas that have excellent coverage throughout and areas where coverage will be somewhat spotty. Depending on how you plan on using your service in Syracuse, you might want to choose your plan carefully.

The perfect scenario would be if you could access fast 4G from anywhere in New York. In that case, it would actually be a lot like satellite internet. The main drawback with satellite though is that it's slower than cable and DSL while also being more expensive. It's really only a valid option for people that don't have access to any other source of broadband. In any case, it doesn't give you a good reason to make the switch from your current provider, unless of course you don't have broadband.

Other than satellite internet, most other connections use wired technology and thus you won't have a lot of leeway regarding where you can use it. The only thing that you can do is hook it up to a Wifi network and extend its range a bit, but that only puts a band-aid on the problem. Fortunately though, there is an answer and it came about thanks to cell phones.

4G internet is based on cellular technology and is essentially considered the next generation of cellular connectivity. It uses internet protocol technology, which means that all data is broken up into packets and sent through the network, much like how regular internet connections work. Essentially, this next generation cellular network is a merging of internet and cell phone services, making it the best of both worlds. Because of the former it can interact with the internet very easily, and because of the latter it can be used in a mobile capacity throughout Syracuse. It's got all the speed of cable or DSL with the wireless freedom that satellite can offer.

As previously alluded to, the only issue is the fact that some cities have better 4G coverage than others at the moment. The situation mirrors what cable and DSL went through when they first started out. Fortunately, there's a plan that will keep you connected almost no matter where you go, and it relies on the older 3G network. The hardware to use both networks is similar enough that you will be able to switch between the two in a seamless fashion. Because the coverage area in Syracuse is just a bit spotty, residents there are advised to sign up for a hybrid plan. Whenever you're in the 4G coverage area, you'll get the best speeds available. Whenever you're outside of that area, the service will switch over to the 3G network. In the end, you'll be able to stay connected as you move around the city and get the best speeds wherever you are. Of course, if you don't think you'll be moving around over a wide area you won't need the hybrid plan, but at least that option is available.

by: Adam Hampton
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