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Stopping Distances, Tires And Car Insurance Nj

Stopping Distances, Tires And Car Insurance Nj

Every driver knows car insurance NJ premiums depend on his or her driving record and the automobile insured

. These drivers may not be aware of how stopping distances and the right tires with the right amount of air pressure affect that driving record. Miscalculations in the speed, weather conditions, road surfaces or tire tread can lead to crashes, bangs and bumps all of which affect the insurance premiums paid.

Computing stopping distances requires analyzing the speed of the car and reaction time of the driver. According to calculations made by the James Madison University, a car traveling 60 miles an hour moves 88 feet a second. It takes 171 feet to stop a vehicle in good condition on a dry, level roadway when the brakes are aggressively applied. It takes a driver on the average of .75 seconds to see the danger and another .75 seconds to slam on the brakes; in this time, the car has traveled 132 feet bringing the total distance to 303 feet.

Weather conditions and road surfaces directly contribute to stopping distance. Many car insurance nj drivers have misjudged the extra distance needed causing a fender bender and insurance rate hike. Wet pavement increases the distance needed to stop while snowy conditions almost double it. Any loose road surface like gravel, mud or dirt reduces tire traction allowing the car to skid on the loose material for a longer time and distance.

Tires affect how a car handles by the amount of air, design of the tire tread and amount of wear left in the tire. Tires with the right amount of air have full contact with the road giving a better grip, more responsive handling, faster acceleration and quicker breaking. Under inflated tires concentrate the weight of the vehicle on the outer edges causing the sidewalls to flex, allowing the car to sway. The tread in the middle of overinflated tires grip the roadway using only a portion of each available tire to react to the driver's signals. Either of these conditions increases stopping time and distance. Rain tires have deeper grooves through the center allowing water to disburse; these tires grip the roadway. Smoother or worn tires let water build up underneath causing cars to hydroplane on this water creating a loss control and longer stopping distances. Snow tires and studded snow tires give drivers more control in serious winter driving conditions.Stopping Distances, Tires And Car Insurance Nj

To get the lowest premiums on car insurance NJ, paying attention to stopping distances, weather, road conditions and tires keeps drivers out of trouble and out of accidents. A little knowledge goes a long way in protecting the driver, his passengers and automobile. With a slight decrease in speed for any adverse condition, the driver is ready for whatever the road brings.

by: Brenda Fullwerth
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Stopping Distances, Tires And Car Insurance Nj