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How to identify genuine American Johnson (Johnson) glass membrane - the automotive supplies industry

How to identify genuine American Johnson (Johnson) glass membrane - the automotive supplies industry

How to identify genuine American Johnson (Johnson) glass membrane - the automotive supplies industry

Glass film is a very complex production process of high technology products, the data detected through specialized testing agencies using modern equipment to complete. The film is now on the market a wide variety of glass, of varying quality, for ordinary consumers, not help in the selection of products at a loss. Particularly as the United States Johnson (Johnson) Glass membrane This famous brand, believe it will buy counterfeit products. How would avoid difficile true, deceived the situation? Today we opened a genuine American Johnson (Johnson) the mystery of the glass membrane, through the eight methods, even if no professional knowledge of the layman can identify the real Johnson (Johnson) film, so fake and inferior products will be nowhere to hide !

1, observe the clarity of definition is to ensure that the glass membrane Road safety And comfort Home An important indicator. No matter the color depth of film, you must pay attention to observe through the foil glass items outside the outline is clear, there will be hazy feeling bad film and even the outline of deformation caused by objects. Inherits half a century of strict working attitude and cutting-edge production technology, the United States Johnson (Johnson) film products in numerous glass membrane, the clarity is very good. Regardless of color depth, clarity is very good, will not appear hazy view the phenomenon is not clear.

2, torn lining smell bad smell used to install rubber membrane performance is not stable enough, the quality is not good, so when the tear film of refractory low-grade, it will emit a very pungent odor, and Johnson (Johnson) and Car Membrane Basically there is no smell, the United States Johnson (Johnson) after the beginning of film to be torn, or even have a hint of fragrance.How to identify genuine American Johnson (Johnson) glass membrane - the automotive supplies industry

3, touch feel Johnson (Johnson) film does it feel with thick smooth feel, while the low-grade film feel thin and crisp, intuitive feeling there will be a very significant difference. The autumn of 2007, Johnson Kam Tong in Beijing Beijing South Toyota 4S film to the glass shop to do a comparison test. Conference of the nine different brands, including Johnson, including glass membrane samples, together. Then get a few customers without any relevant knowledge with an intuitive sense of personal, hands touching eye view, choose their own sample that is a good film to. Amazingly: These products do not understand the customer, are in some selected after the front nine from the films selected Johnson (Johnson) film samples! This makes Johnson (Johnson) the total membrane Proxy Advantages for future promotional products to combat counterfeiting, with more adequate confidence.

4, see color Johnson (Johnson) membrane fusion of color is uniform in the film based on polyester film, durable, in the paste and rub the process of scraping by the scraper will not bleaching. The poor quality of the color film from the sticky Cooperation Adhesive used, the tear film of the liner car scratch the post with nails, color, and lost. This film paste, the performance is very unstable and will result within a short time fading out quality films and so on.

5, anti-scratch performance test Johnson (Johnson) film surface with a layer of patented anti-scratch coating?? CTS anti-wear coating, under normal use to protect the membrane surface less susceptible to scratches; If there is no defense plan injury level of protection, foil will be when the tool scraped a Road, scratches, reduce the diaphragm's definition, but also seriously affect the membrane life. You can use the nail in the glass membrane (non-liner side) force on the scraping back and forth several times, if the scratches can be easily scraped off, it must not Johnson (Johnson) the glass membrane.

6, determine the quality and warranty of the general film short, Johnson (Johnson) membrane warranty reached more than 8 years.How to identify genuine American Johnson (Johnson) glass membrane - the automotive supplies industry

7, check the outer membrane of glass imported from the United States box up above, in addition to the Chinese importers affixed label, the box itself Print Sure only English, do not have a character; and use the code box nails and China is not a standard nail to the United States Code box slightly wider, longer, use up the red copper; if the poor quality of packaging boxes, printing rough, or even "bare package" (white or brown paper shell color, the top Chinese and English are lacking, nor made inUSA of origin labeling) is certainly not the United States imported cars membrane; Finally, it is important to check the box have not marked the brand's English website, please indicate if the Internet look, even if the brands are not formal English website it is definitely not the U.S. importation of glass film products.

8, see authorization to invoice only by Johnson (Johnson) duly authorized agent in China, and issued license plates authorized dealers have the right to Sell United States, Johnson's glass film products. Agent not authorized to take the license, provided the film would most likely Johnson counterfeiting. Also selected Johnson (Johnson) Automotive Film Consumers must be obtained in the foil after the invoice to the dealer. Once a problem in future product needs warranty, dealer invoice is in addition to the importance of quality assurance certificate cards outside.

With the eight methods described above, consumers want to buy real Johnson (Johnson) film, it is not difficult for the. Use genuine American Johnson (Johnson) film, the lid, is a breath of fresh blowing flavor Beach, California, U.S. goods will enjoy an unparalleled quality of pure performance.

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How to identify genuine American Johnson (Johnson) glass membrane - the automotive supplies industry