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How To Avoid Mma Injuries

How To Avoid Mma Injuries

Several accidents are unavoidable in any fighting sport

. Mixed martial art is definitely one of these sports. Anyhow, as a martial artist, I will give you a number of advices that will certainly help you to avoid and decrease your chances of getting yourself hurt. Note that severe accidents often occur in combat sports.

A common source for these mistakes occurs when you close you eyes at the moment you strike your enemy. In addition, you look away every time your enemy strikes you. Both of these actions are extremely dangerous for your defense. This way, you cannot identify where will be your enemy's next attack. A punch or a kick that is not visible to you is more likely to inflect more damage than the ones that are visible.

Most of the amateur fighters often drop their hands during the battle inside the arena. Usually, this weakness is the result you don't have enough cardiovascular training. Never drop your hands even when you start to feel tired. This action may give your opponent more chances to land a hit, especially to your face. Moreover, when you drop your hands down, your defense will become weaker. Anyhow, giving yourself enough cardiovascular training will help you terminate this kind of problem. Having enough cardio training will give you the ability on holding up your hands for a longer time.

Speaking of pathetic trainings, letting a bad shape rule over yourself during a battle, will definitely lead you to getting yourself hurt. Usually a fighter becomes slower when he starts to exhaust his reactions and movements. More likely, this will give your opponent an extreme chance to land a devastating hit with all his power anytime he wants. When you are tired your chances of getting yourself knocked out also increased. Always take note the importance of cardiovascular training in your mixed martial art routines.

Making sure to have the correct technique and method is very crucial inside the arena. There are several ways to help you preserve the proper techniques. First step would be, to make sure that you practice the techniques until you master it. Having a professional coach who knows what he is doing can surely aid you in getting yourself perfectly conditioned. Getting yourself in a bad shape will give you a bad technique. Be aware of every single action that you intend to execute during a practice, and most especially, during a battle.

by: Troy Macraft
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