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With e-commerce to develop the U.S. market after parts - automobile market, auto parts - automotive supplies industry

With e-commerce to develop the U.S. market after parts - automobile market, auto parts - automotive supplies industry

With e-commerce to develop the U.S. market after parts - automobile market, auto parts - automotive supplies industry

As an important part of the U.S. auto industry, one after the auto parts market is huge. According to the U.S. AAIA / Automotive Industry Association's statistics after the market: the broad sense (the sale of all vehicle-related goods) have an average size of about 257 billion U.S. dollars, estimated the narrow sense (only refer to accessories) are about 15 billion. Vehicle this year

Sell General weakness of the U.S., after the market turned to tap potential, has become in many parts manufacturers, distributors, vehicle manufacturers and even the strategic center of gravity. China's auto parts companies are fully capable of, we should explore this huge market, fighting over food share.

And preparation before entering any market, like homework, domestic enterprises should first understand their own products in the U.S. market and potential customer demand conditions. After the market's product range is not just a simple auto replacement parts, has derived from the parts, professional equipment and tools, autoWith e-commerce to develop the U.S. market after parts - automobile market, auto parts - automotive supplies industry

Chemical industry Products, Electronic Products, and even household appliances (such as car

TV , Refrigerator, DVD player) and other aspects. After the market's customers range from ordinary car owners, enthusiasts, modified vehicles and special vehicles to the ship manufacturers, major car rental companies.

For different customers, should use its own strategic advantage and make different plans. For example, after the market for the ordinary car owners, fashion electronic appliance technology is a good selling point. June 2009 report of a JDPower market: 50% of U.S. vehicle owners to use the auxiliary jack to connect music players, while 68% of Americans would like to have a wireless Bluetooth system to connect. Taking into account the more expensive original manufacturer, 30% of car buyers are willing themselves to buy a relatively inexpensive alternative

GPS Navigation system. As for the market after the conversion plant and lovers may be more focused on the unique and quality issues, such as special shapes

Wheel And lights; for large company fleets and car rental companies, the price may be important, such as the procurement of hundreds of thousands of year, wiper, car mat freight company.

Number of cases in the above, either advanced automotive electronic and electrical appliances, or slightly lower-tech windshield wiper, car mat, etc., Chinese companies have come in handy. But with a good strategic plan, how to best implement them may reduce the threshold to enter the United States do? To send more than permanent staff time and effort the United States, while U.S. companies are not easy merger, whilst it might not be temporary effect. Of capital, talent pool is not sufficient spare parts companies in China, widely popular in the Internet and logistics highly developed today, with the convenience of electronic commerce to develop new markets, is the smallest input can get the most out of the door.

View of this, domestic enterprises should fully understand the system of Internet-based automotive business, making operating income of financial resources. Build a business for the automotive after market system, there are two general approaches. First, resources from the business point of view, the adoption of an international popular business software packages integrated ERP system, after market, purchasing, production, logistics, and accounting of the business, integration of financial goods. This advantage is greatly enhanced operational efficiency, speed up the pace of internationalization. Risk is: ERP software systems often involve business management transformation, in order to meet the needs of professional software drastic changes in business processes, will impact the company operations, or even failure.

Second approach is a network system architecture in stages. Auto market after the e-commerce system has two main core of the listed product information (or report) and structure of the online ordering system. If the one-time limited, could be other non-core systems and business processes were delayed.

A list of product information (or report), there can be fusion

IT Infrastructure, such as display functions only on the company website embedded business application platform. According to the American habit to classify information on auto parts. Prepared to provide samples and photos show function; provide users rate the customer product ratings, fast recommendation functions. Product information at any time to pay attention to updates, and provide the same data in a variety of display formats, such as ordinary paper, PDF format, XML format (suitable for machines / EDI software to read), Network HTML format, as well as mobile phones to read format. AmericanWith e-commerce to develop the U.S. market after parts - automobile market, auto parts - automotive supplies industry

Auto Parts Company ArvinMeritor Web site that is in the following markets to provide high agreement of more than 100,000 product information in various forms of parts.

Online ordering system architecture, from the need to build a set of orders, order processing, to pay the full settlement of the trading system. Provide view purchase history, print receipts, provide dynamic inventory calculation, and even exchange rates and other amenities. To protect the interests of the company, reducing business risk and security sales success, after the personal customer market systems also need to dynamically check the United States private client's credit card spending limit; for large companies after the market system, need to dynamically check the U.S. D & B Business credit. Highly developed in the Internet the United States, these are paid monthly automatic search system, without a huge investment of domestic companies do.

Also very important but there are other discretionary building systems, including product support, sales potential analysis, and customer resource management systems, electronic promotion and promoting the website rankings. These are the tool to improve sales.

In the United States vehicle market, with different cars after the market has been an average annual growth rate of 3.8%. Faced with such a huge market, Chinese companies if they can create an efficient network operating system without a large investment of manpower, will be able to broaden sources of income, to snatch a share of.
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With e-commerce to develop the U.S. market after parts - automobile market, auto parts - automotive supplies industry