1cover Travel Insurance Review

1cover Travel Insurance ReviewOver 200,000 Australians have used 1Cover Travel Insurance, who are a market leader in online travel insurance.  The impeccable customer service that members receive is second only to the price and quality of the cover that they provide.
Among some of the many testimonials on the 1Cover website, there are many people who state that because of the amazing price and great service they received from 1Cover, they decided to continue their policy with them, after the first twelve months, or after their first claim.
Existing members have stated that they had done extensive research and found that 1Cover Travel Insurance was the most competitive product on the market offering all the inclusions they were looking for.
With prices starting from $44 for a comprehensive policy for one adult under 60 travelling within Australia for a week, why wouldnt you make sure you were covered any time you were away from home? For a little more, you can cover yourself for twelve months at a time, for many trips away from home, if you are a frequent traveller.
Some pre-existing medical conditions can be covered by your policy too, so why take the chance! One member said that due to an illness that fell upon him two days before he was due to travel, he was able to re-coup the cost of the flights he had to cancel due to his illness.
1Cover Travel insurance offer cover for skis, snowboards and incidents that may happen to you while you are using them, which according one client talking in the review, is something that is hard to find. Cover for an accident on the snow can be a very expensive experience  the cost of a helicopter rescue could be anywhere from $15,000! With 1Cover, you can cover yourself for that, as well as medical expenses and changing travel itineraries. You can even be covered for lost expenses if the slopes are closed because of an avalanche!
The easy online quoting system on the 1Cover website allows existing members and non-members to obtain a quote as well as detailed information as to what each policy covers. However, according to one members 1Cover review, if you dont fully understand the information you obtain on the website, or have any questions about things that arent mentioned online, you can pick up the phone and speak to someone about your enquiry!1cover Travel Insurance Review
A common theme throughout the 1Cover reviews is the speed with which their claims were handled, meant that they recovered their lost expenses very quickly leaving them out of pocket for the least time possible. The helpful services in all areas mean that members can travel with peace of mind that should anything go wrong, they will be covered. Check the 1Cover review page for more information about peoples experiences with 1Cover Travel Insurance.  
Dont let anything spoil your travel experiences, check out the reviews and hear some of the awful things that can happen to you when you are travelling, and how this insurance company can in most cases help lessen the blow through their comprehensive insurance covers.
by:  Peter Smyth
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1Cover supplies cheap travel insurance check out a quote today and see what you will save. Check out the 1Cover travel insurance reviews on the site, to find some happy customers.

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