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You Need Professional Liability Insurance If You Have A Business

You Need Professional Liability Insurance If You Have A Business

You Need Professional Liability Insurance If You Have A Business

Business owners are constantly looking for lower premiums for commercial insurance. For every renewal it should be custom to review your business insurance Ohio policy to see if there is some way you can lower your premiums while still increasing coverage. While premiums should be on your mind, you should also be reviewing your policies for gaps in coverage. Many small business owners have no clue about Fwhat type of insurance they have. In some industries, especially professional servicing industries, business owners have a need for more than just the standard protection offered by a Business Owners Package policy. Understand the difference between standard liability coverages and liability protection and make a wise investment for your business.

Before you go to your commercial agent or broker and say you need to buy professional insurance you should understand what this type of policy covers. Professional liability insurance is not needed in all businesses. If you offer a service to your customers in turn for payment, chances are you need liability insurance. The easiest way to decide whether you fall into this category is to ask yourself if you had to undergo additional education or professional training to offer the services you do. The most common occupations requiring professional liability insurance include real estate agents, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, financial consultants, IT technicians, counselors, architects, contractors, doctors, and personal trainers. Practically all professionals offering a service and not a product have need for professional liability insurance.

Now, is this included in your standard business owner's insurance package? The simple answer is no. Exposures covered in a professional liability insurance policy are specifically excluded in a Business Owners Policy Package. This means that purchasing just the standard package could leave you vulnerable to professional liability claims. Understand what this business insurance Ohio policy covers and protect yourself.

Professional Liability insurance, also referred to as errors and omissions insurance, will provide coverage if you make an error or give the wrong advice. When you are a professional, one small error can lead to a large financial loss for your customers. Even if you do not make a mistake, customers can claim you did and take you to court to go through a long, expensive, and drawn out process. Professional liability will pay for defense costs, settlements, and judgments awarded.

If you are a professional and you are not currently carrying errors and omissions insurance, contact your commercial insurance broker and obtain a quote for coverage. These policies are available in increments of $1 million of coverage and will give you the protection you need in today's litigious society. Protect your business reputation and the future of your career by investing in this specialized business insurance Ohio. Once you have, you will have peace of mind and increased protection.
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You Need Professional Liability Insurance If You Have A Business Washington